Logging onto the JR. Teaching Station
with Windows 10 or higher

1 Logging onto the Jr. Teaching Station requires an ethernet port. If your laptop does not have an ethernet port you will need to purchase a USB-ethernet dongle. 2 Before you arrive to the classroom, download the "JrTS_Config app to your computer. After you arrive in your classroom, connect the TSJr ethernet (network) cable to your laptop for logging in.
laptop connect
3 Run the JrTS_Config app. You will be prompted for your UTOR id and password once your laptop detects the classroom network. Enter your UTOR ID and password in login window that appears. The power button on the Jr. Teaching station will begin flashing to indicate that the projector is warming up. 4 Select Video Source
Select VGA or HDMI - whichever cable you have plugged into your laptop

control panel