Why do I need to configure?   Why is login required?  

I used to just plug in and it worked (without laptop configuration).
Now it doesn't and they say I have to configure.
What happened?

Trouble with your laptop configuration?

(1) Make sure your UTORid is refreshed in the system.

(2) Could not find the "AddTrust External CA Root" on your list of certificates?
Get the certificate

(3) These don't solve your problem?
Contact ACE tech support for help:

(4) Are you in the classroom and need to start class right now?
Do configuration later.
Press the intercom button on the TSJr and ask our technicians to manually activate.


(5) Windows 10 user experiencing difficulty with automatic connection to the classroom network.
download the JrTS_Config app and run this the next time you connect the ethernet cable in your room.