Prototypes Design Plans

Designed by UofT for UofT

A committee was assembled in 2009 with representatives from all three campuses, including professors, administrators, A/V professionals, facilities managers, and a designer. Ideas were floated and prototypes were built.

The basic design parameters:

1 Provide a standardised method of hooking up to classroom projectors and speakers 2 Provide hard-wired power and internet for the instructor 3 Have UTOR log-in to allow network access, central monitoring of equipment & live intercom support 4 Have the unit be economical to allow for installation in the greatest # of rooms After heated debate it was settled that a computer would not be included, as this made for a simpler & more economical device, and follows the trend of having the instructor present from their own familiar platform (their laptop). This decision necessitated a 5th requirement:

5 Provide a permanent stable 2'x 2' base for instructor laptop and/or equipment