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Here is a small sampling of the better-designed and executed native editors for OS / 2. BOXER is not a true HTML editor per se, but its popularity with programmers and general users is worth noting. There are a handful of OS / 2 editors available at the Hobbes FTP site, for those of you who want more, but some of these are still pretty rough around the edges.


Nominated as an "OS / 2 Must Have Utility," BOXER is a remarkably full-featured text editor which has quickly become the favorite of all types of computer users. Designed with an emphasis on flexibility, BOXER can be easily configured to suit most every user's taste. Here are some of BOXER's most important capabilities: multi-level Undo and Redo, Color Syntax Highlighting, multiple files and windows, full mouse support, keyboard reconfiguration, support for extended screen sizes, column marking, macros, color, pull-down menus, word processing, and context sensitive online help. Also: search with wildcards, compile within the editor, small footprint shell, graphic drawing mode, auto indent, find mating parenthetical characters, block commands: cut, copy, append, paste, delete, write, print, fill, sort, total, average, case convert, invert, entab, and detab. For more information, you can also visit the OS / 2 Must Have Utilities and FTP Sites home page, from which the above brief was gleaned because I couldn't find a BOXER home page. You can download the package directly from ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/os2/editors/boxos2_7.zip.

HTML Generator

HTML Generator is a basic HTML editor for OS / 2 with limited markup features. It does, however, allow you to convert your HTML into .IPF program information files for use with OS / 2. This package is available for download from ftp://ftp.leo.org/pub/comp/os/os2/editors/htmlg102.zip.

HTML Wizard

HTML Wizard is a slick, full-featured HTML editor for OS / 2 that puts all the features you could ever need at your fingertips via a customizable floating Tagbar. Features include convenient forms and image configuration dialogs, as well as easy access to HTML-excluded and accented characters. You can download the package from Hobbes at ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/os2/editors/htmlwiz.zip.


SpHyDir (Structured Professional Hypertext Directory Manager) is an Object Oriented tool capable of building complex HTML documents for use on the World Wide Web. With SpHyDir the emphasis is on the important issues of content and overall document structure. Since SpHyDir automatically generates the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), it is possible to generate flawless Web documents without studying obscure syntax diagrams. In addition to HTML output, SpHyDir files can be compiled into OS / 2 .INF documentation and .HLP program help files. An informative home page for the SpHyDir Project can be found a http://pclt.cis.yale.edu/pclt/sphydir/sphydir.htm, and contains a link to obtain the software.

WebWriter / 2

WebWriter 2, a product of Sapphire Software, is an elegant drag-and-drop HTML editor designed explicitly for OS/2. The product blurb states (in part):
Full support is provided for HTML 2.0 elements and the ISO-Latin-1 character set as well as a user defined tag capability allowing you to add new tags as they are introduced or to create your own customized elements. Version 1.1 also supports many new extensions to the HTML specification such as Tables, Backgrounds, and WebExplorer icon animations. It also includes drag-and-drop addition of hypertext links and insertion of images.

WebWriter/2 is implemented in VX-REXX. Additional information, including directions to the downloadable archives, is avaialble from the home site at http://wymple.gs.net/~jblumel/ww2_home.html. The larger archive includes the latest version of the VX-REXX libraries.

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