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Zhaolei Zhang
(pronounced jow-lay)


Donnelly Centre
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Dept. of Computer Science

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Room 608, 160 College Street
Tel: (416) 946-0924 (Office); (416) 946-0905 (Lab)

BS. Nankai University (biophysics)
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley , 2000 (with Sung-Hou Kim)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Yale University, 2001-2004 (with Mark Gerstein)
Joined University of Toronto faculty in November 2004

I was trained in physics and biology (more the former than the latter) as an undergraduate in China, then attended graduate school at UC Berkeley, studying structure biology and protein crystallography under the supervision of Professor Sung-Hou Kim. While at Berkeley I worked in the Physical Bioscience Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). My doctoral research concerned the structure determination and functional mechanism of integral membrane protein complexs involved in cell respiration. I made key contributions in determining the crystal structure of cytochrome bc1 complex, a mitochondrial membrane protein machinery involved in cell respiration.

I was a post-doctoral fellow with Professor Mark Gerstein at the Dept. of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MBB) at Yale University from March, 2001 to 2004. While at Yale I worked on a number of projects including genome annotation and data mining, pseudogene evolution and biological databases. My current research focuses on using computational informatics tools to understand the function and evolution of genes, proteins and genomes. I am also interested in the conservation and dynamics of biological pathways and networks.

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a cool US stamp, circa 1942 
Here are the slides I used at the Evolutionary Genomics Summer School at CAS-KIZ in 2011.