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Special Policies Regarding the Rental of Series

A number of the videos which are part of certain Subject groupings are not available for individual rental. The Subject and series or individual titles are listed below.

Art and Architecture
The Open Air: Monet and the Impressionists/Born of the Sea

Asian Studies
China: The Cultural Revolution: Part One - Preludes
China: The Cultural Revolution: Part Two - Convulsions

Family and Social Studies
The ABC's of Canadian Family Life series
Adjust your Set: the Static is Real
Right Ways and Wrong Ways
Well Being of the Elderly series

Music, Theatre, Drama
Master Classes In Directing: Joanne Akalaitis
The Oboe
The Oboe Reed
Rose And The Sun: Pindar, The Seventh Olympian

Science and Technology
As The Lab Turns: How Do You Use A Calliper?
As The Lab Turns: How Do You Use An Oscilloscope?
Carthage: Witnesses To The Past
Chemotherapy: Procedures For The Safe Preparation Of Parenteral Antineoplastic Agents
Discovering Science: Encouraging Women In Science And Engineering
Instructional Technology: The New Message
Old Art For A New Science