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Video Series and Subject Catalogue

Videos which cover related or similar topics are grouped together into series and subjects. A series is a closely-related collection of videos while a subject grouping usually consists of one or more series along with individual titles which may be of interest under the particular subject heading. For example: the Family and Social Studies subject consists of three series (ABC's of Family Life; Learning Through Play; Well-Being of the Elderly) along with several related, individual titles (Adjust your Set: the Static is Real; Right Ways and Wrong Ways). In the table below, entries are series unless the have "(Subject)" beside their name. This list is sorted alphabetically by the full title of the series or subject.

You can select from the list below for more particular information.

Series or Subject
Full Title
ABC ABC's of Family Life (see Family and Social Studies)
Strike Anatomy of a Strike (see Industrial Relations)
A&Arch Art and Architecture (Subject)
    In the Name of Cities
Asian Asian Studies (Subject)
Frye The Bible and Literature: A Personal View from Northrop Frye
CdnSt Canadian Studies (Subject)
    Canadians In Conflict: An Historian's View
    The Splendid Dream: Canadian Labour and the Left 1867 - 1976
    Voices of Early Canada
CdnCon Canadians In Conflict: An Historian's View (see Canadian Studies)
Bargain Collective Bargaining Process (see Industrial Relations)
Civil Conduct a Civil Action (see Law and Family Law)
Ward Crown Wardship Order Series (see Law and Family Law)
Disc Discovery Series
Family Family and Social Studies (Subject)
    ABC's of Family Life
    Learning Through Play
    Well-Being of the Elderly
Arbitrate Grievance Arbitration (see Industrial Relations)
Cities In the Name of the Cities (see Art and Architecture)
Education Performer, Researcher, Organizer: Teaching Roles In Higher Education
IndRel Industrial Relations (Subject)
    Anatomy of a Strike Series
    Collective Bargaining Process Series
    Grievance Arbitration Series
Law Law and Family Law (Subject)
    Conduct a Civil Action Series
    Crown Wardship Order Series
Learn Learning Through Play (see Family and Social Studies)
Lit Literature (Subject)
    Les Visages de la Littérature Canadienne-Française
Med Medieval Video Collection (Subject)
    York Cycle Pageant Series
Freire Meeting Freire
Music Music, Theatre, Drama (Subject)
Phil Philosophy (Subject)
Science Science and Technology (Subject)
Dream Splendid Dream: Canadian Labour and the Left 1867 - 1976, The (see Canadian Studies)
Vic Victorians, The
Visages Les Visages de la Littérature Canadienne-Française (See Literature)
Voices Voices of Early Canada (see Canadian Studies)
Well Well-Being of the Elderly (see Family and Social Studies)
YCP York Cycle Pageant (see Medieval Video Collection)
YP98 York Plays 1998