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This series contains five short programs exploring a variety of research projects. Programs also available individually.

Arctic Oil Spills
Exploration for oil and gas in the Canadian north has introduced the danger of oil spills in the Arctic environment. This program describes the research being conducted on the properties of oil under arctic conditions. On location at pipeline test sites and underwater during a trial oil spill as well as lab simulations are shown. Prepared with the assistance of Profs. D. MacKay, Chemical Engineering and T.C. Hutchinson, Botany, University of Toronto.
7 minutes / 1977

Emile Zola Research Program
This program illustrates the intensive, exhaustive and fastidious documentation required for literary research, using examples of the Emile Zola Research Program, an international venture headed by Dr. Bard Bakker, York University, with Prof. Henri Mitterand, University of Paris and Dr. John Walker, University of Toronto. Since acquiring publication rights to Zola's correspondence, the Program has managed to unearth some 4000 letters written by the French novelist, critic, playwright and political dissident.
10 minutes / 1977

Northern Yukon Research Program
It has long been conjectured that humans first migrated to North America across Bering Strait some tens of thousands of years ago when the strait was a land bridge. This program describes a major archaeological research project which is producing evidence which suggests the presence of man in that region much earlier than was previously suspected. Created with the assistance of Prof. W.N. Irving, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Toronto.
10 minutes / 1977

Nutrition: The Spice of Life
This program offers an overview of nutritional research studies in a university environment. Dr. Harvey Anderson, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, discusses the effect of diet on human behaviour, improving intravenous feeding, and the development of new foods from existing Canadian crops.
8 minutes / 1977

On The Surface Of Things
The more minuscule forms of life such as bacteria live in a world dominated by surface forces. This program explores a facet of chemical research being conducted to gain a better understanding of the way atoms and molecules act at the interface of two materials. Created with the assistance of Prof. Michael Dignam, Chemistry, University of Toronto.
8 minutes / 1977
Total running time for the series: 43 minutes / 1977