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Lady Soul And The Devil's Burning Throne: The Golden Age Of Melodrama
Celebrated author Robertson Davies examines the melodramatic theatre of the late 19th and early 20th century. Davies talks about the role of the hero, the heroine and the villain in melodrama. He also discusses the technical aspects of a production of melodrama, for example, staging and acting techniques. The program is illustrated with Victorian stills and sequences from melodramatic films.
27 minutes / 1979

The Oboe
Unique in many respects, the oboe also shares many characteristics with other wind instruments. This program is a comprehensive yet informal study of the oboe. A combination of live performances, examinations of related woodwind instruments and verbal explanations are featured, as the history of the instrument - its invention in 1600's and its use today - and the musical characteristics of the oboe are explored. Written by and featuring Prof. Melvin Berman of University of Toronto Faculty of Music.
18 minutes / 1981

The Oboe Reed
A properly-made reed is crucial to the art of the oboe. A concise demonstration of the entire process of reed making - close-up cinematography follows each step: splitting the raw cane; gouging, shaping, tying, scraping, testing; and playing the reed in the oboe. Various tools used in the process are described and shown in use. Written and narrated by Prof. Melvin Berman, University of Toronto Faculty of Music.
Award: Instructional Medial Festival - Canadian Education Showplace 1973, Award of Merit
21 minutes / 1973

Rose And The Sun: Pindar, The Seventh Olympian
Ideas and elements of cultural background are presented in a discussion of the Seventh Olympian Ode accompanied by visuals giving archaeological information and illustrations of image clusters occurring in the Ode. At the end of the program the Ode is read in Greek. Director, Denny Spence; writers, Colin Visser and Margaret Visser; literary consultant, Prof. Leonard Woodbury.
32 min. / b&w / 1970