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Conversations On Postmodernism And Cultural Studies
This program is a series of interviews with some of the most important critical commentators on postmodernism and cultural studies. It examines postmodernism, its social origins, its intellectual and aesthetic concerns, and its links with contemporary culture and the media. Comments and analysis by: Prof. Mary Douglas, Northwestern University; Paolo Fabbri, University of Bologna; Linda Hutcheon, University of Toronto; Prof. Hayden White, University of California, Santa Cruz; Prof. Douglas Kellner, University of Texas, Austin; Prof. Arthur Kroker, Concordia University; Prof. Gianni Vattimo, University of Torino; Prof. John Fiske, University of Wisconsin, Madison. David Morley, Brunel University. Host: Joe Galbo, Cultural Studies, York University and University of Toronto.
43 minutes /1991

Harold Innis: The Philosophical Historian
Prof. Marshall McLuhan and Prof. Eric A. Havelock exchange ideas, facts and opinions on subjects relevant to the interests of Harold Innis. (In 3 parts.) Recorded at Innis College, October 14, l978. Sponsored by the Harold Innis Foundation with the support of: The Innis College Student Society; Innis College; The Centre for Culture and Technology; The Media Centre and TV Ontario.
74 minutes / 1979

On Campus With Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuhan with guest Prof. Geoffrey Payzant of the University of Toronto Dept. of Philosophy. An audio tape of a Glen Gould performance leads to a discussion of the relationship between audio technology and performance; McLuhan alludes to his ideas on communications issues.
32 minutes / 1981