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Paulo Freire's commitment as an educator and activist stems from his own childhood experiences of poverty and suffering in Brazil. Born in 1921, he dedicated himself at an early age to a lifelong struggle against hunger and the oppression of the poor. Having completed university, he then engineered literacy campaigns to raise the consciousness of people in rural communities. Freire's unique philosophy is a blend of Christianity and Marxism which he sees as mutually conducive to improving the human condition.

Becoming a Christian
Since Freire's exile from Brazil, he has been in the employ of the World council of Churches. He discusses his own faith and philosophy of religion.
12 minutes / b&w / 1979

Guns and Pencils
In this program, Freire gives his views on the role of education in developing countries and especially his literacy work with the government of Guinea Bissau.
32 minutes / b&w / 1979

Letters in the Earth: A Dialogue with Paulo Freire, Roby Kidd, and Alan Thomas
Freire discusses his relationship with his mother and father and their influence upon his attitudes toward adult education.
38 minutes / b&w / 1979