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China: The Cultural Revolution: Part One - Preludes
This program discusses the roots of the Chinese Cultural revolution and concentrates on the events of the summer of 1966, centering on the role of Mao Tse Tung and the formation of the Red Guards. It also explores, among other things, the call by the Chinese Communist Party for criticism of "bourgeois reactionary ideas" in academic circles. Created by Bob Rodgers and Prof. Jack Cranmer-Byng, and Cecilia Shickman, a former graduate student of the University of Toronto who attending school in Peking during the time of the Cultural Revolution.
30 minutes / 1977

China: The Cultural Revolution: Part Two - Convulsions
This program examines the course of the Chinese cultural revolution from the beginning of 1967 until the end of the violent phase of the revolution in the spring of 1969. It discusses the overthrow of the Shanghai Party Committee by a coalition of revolutionary workers and young Red Guards; the People's Liberation Army's clashes with radical groups in the city of Wuhan, and the restoration of law and order in late 1967. Created by Bob Rodgers, Prof. Jack Cranmer-Byng and Cecilia Shickman.
32 minutes / 1977

The splendor and tradition of the ancient Japanese Kiyomoto dance form are faithfully rendered in this historical recording featuring the eminent Japanese dancer, Madame Fujima Chikuyo in a complete performance of the famous dance Hokushu. Authentic music, costumes and makeup are used throughout the performance. The program was written by Professor Frank Hoff, Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto.
21 minutes / 1977