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Video Collection Profile and General Information


Since 1970, the Information Commons (formerly the Media Centre) has produced hundreds of video programs that have been sold across Canada, the United States, and all major continents including Africa and Australia. Five major series have been broadcast on Canadian television and our programs have received numerous accolades and awards, such as the prestigious Ohio State Award for excellence in public broadcasting. We are renowned for our Medieval Video Collection and continue to produce programs in that area. A complete list of our collection is on our price list page. Videos which cover related or similar topics are grouped together into series and subjects. See the Video Series and Subject catalogue If you have any questions, contact information can be found in the page.

General Information

Media Format

  • All programs are available in DVD and 1/2" VHS, in NTSC or PAL (European standard). Please specify the desired format on the order form.


  • Programs must not be duplicated without prior permission from the Information Commons.

  • Legal title to the programs shall at all times remain in the Information Commons. All the rights therein are reserved to the Information Commons. The term "purchaser" as used herein means only the right and license to use and re-use the programs by the customer without limitations as to the number of uses and re-uses.

  • Purchase of a program does not entitle the purchaser to rent or exhibit programs for commercial gain. If purchaser defaults hereunder, the Information Commons, in addition to other remedies, may repossess any program delivered hereunder; may refuse to take further orders from the customer; and may recover any commercial gains from the rental/exhibit of Information Commons. Customer agrees to pay any costs and expenses of collection and/or repossession including the maximum attorney's fees permitted by law.

  • Programs may be transmitted, with written permission from the Information Commons, by any means for use within the purchasing institution provided that the signal is not regularly received by individuals or institutions not forming part of the purchasing institution.

  • A licensing duplication plan is available for users requiring multiple copies of a given program. Contact the Information Commons Media Distribution Office for details.

  • For broadcast or cable TV use, see the contact information below.