Welcome to the Polish program at UofT!

We are

  • one of the leading Polish language and culture programs in North America
  • the main Canadian meeting point for comparative and interdisciplinary projects in Polish studies
  • a vibrant, diverse, and award-winning community of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and professional mentors
  • a friendly hub for fans, ambassadors, and promoters of Polish culture abroad

Our mission

is to provide comprehensive, comparative, and interdisciplinary perspectives on Polish language, literature, and culture in cross-cultural, university setting. We believe in the lasting value of liberal arts education and are committed to providing present and future generations of students with a broad knowledge base and critical thinking skills. It is our conviction that the study of foreign languages and cultures has a particularly important role to play in a multicultural society.

We offer

  • cutting edge Polish language instruction on all levels of proficiency in accordance with the international Polish language certification standards
  • an open and inviting environment for students of diverse backgrounds to study Polish language and culture in their international contexts
  • courses that provide students with broad cultural knowledge base and critical tools useful in other disciplines and professional careers
  • a dynamic extra-curricular program, featuring lectures, workshops, special occasion events, movie nights, and more
  • a study abroad symmer program at Poland's leading Polish language and culture centre Polonicum at the University of Warsaw