MacBook Air

1 Like tablets, many laptops no longer have a built-in network port which can be used to activate a TSJr and obtain network access through the hard line.

If you wish to have this access you will require a "USB to Ethernet" adapter to connect to the ethernet cable at the TSjr.
This may require configuring your laptop to connect to the network. Instructions on how to do this are contained on the handbooks page located here.

USB to Ethernet (nertwork) adapter

2 It is also possible that your laptop will require an adapter of some sort to send video to the install projector. Exactly what adapter or dongle you will need will depend on the make of your laptop.
eg. Thunderbolt / DisplayPort Mini to either VGA or HDMI

DisplayPort Mini and Thunderbolt look the same
Thunderbolt is an upgrade that takes regular DisplayPort Mini adapters.