iPads & Tablets

If you are using a tablet computer it is likely that you
will not have a network port to log-in to the TSJr

tablet Single-session activation of a TSJr can be done for academic courses on verbal request using the Help! button on the front console.

Alternately, an audio-visual booking can be made in advance for access to the teaching station by contacting AV bookings at avrequest@utoronto.ca.

adapters You will need VGA or HDMI output from your device and it is likely that you will require an adapter. A 3.5mmm cable is provided for audio from your headphone jack if necessary. The adapter you require will depend on the device you are using. Owing to the wide varitety, these adapters are not provided.

for Apple devices there is the 'lightning to VGA' or "lightning to HDMI' adapter.
Older Apple devices may require the 'Apple Digital AV adapter'

NOTE regarding the iPad 1 -
the Mirror Display option is app dependant on the iPad 1 so not all apps can displayed on a projector

Windows & Android devices -
Check the specifications of your device. Most require an adapter to output video to HDMI or VGA.