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There are several browsers for Macintoshes, the most popular (at least now) is Netscape for Macintosh. Other browsers are also available, in particular MacWeb and MacMosaic.

TradeWave MacWeb

Smaller and faster than Mosaic for the Macintosh, MacWeb is a full-featured graphical browser by the TradeWave Corporation (formerly known as EINet) which maintains the Galaxy WWW search index. The MacWeb home page includes a link to download MacWeb (ftp://ftp.einet.net/einet/mac/macweb/), as well as installation instructions, documentation, and a full features list.

Mosaic for Macintosh (MacMosaic)

This package is developed by NCSA, and is quite full featured. NCSA maintains a MacMosaic home page. This is very useful for getting MacMosaic up and running. MacMosaic for 680x0 and PowerMac are available for download via anonymous ftp from ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu in the /Mosaic/Mac/ directory.

Netscape for Macintosh

Developed by Netscape Communications, this is a fast and full-featured browser that has quickly become by far the most popular Web browser currently in use. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can download a copy of the recently released 2.0 Beta. Netscape no longer makes available free copies of previous versions, although you can purchase copies of final release 1.1 at the Netscape General Store for U$39. The fully documented and supported Personal Edition is available for U$44.95, and includes dial-up access through a number of ISP's.

Key features of Netscape 2.0 include client-side imagemapping; progressive JPEG rendering; Netscape Plug-Ins for streamed audio and video; integrated e-mail and threaded news; enhanced document formatting tools including multiple, simultaneous, independently-scrollable Frames; and support for Java applets.


From CERN, this is a very basic browser, and is not heavily supported. The Samba home page can be found at http://www.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/Macintosh/Status.html.
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