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"The Ant" (ANT_HTML.DOT)

The ANT_HTML.DOT is a template designed to work within Word 6.0 to facilitate the creation of hypertext documents. Features of the latest version include two new toolbars, Word-HTML table interconversion, font size and horizontal rules tools, and a number of other enhancements and additions to the previous version. See the Ant home page for more information, as well as a link to download the package.


BeyondPress byAstrobyte Online is a powerful commercial XTension for converting QuarkXPress for Macintosh documents into HTML. During export, special and accented characters are converted automatically, as are text attributes such as bold and italic, and paragraph alignment. BeyondPress converts images to JPEG or GIF format, cropping them as in the QuarkXPress layout. Users can choose the image scale of their QuarkXPress document, specify a new scale for the image, and click on the colors of an image to make those colors transparent. Users can also convert a QuarkXPress text box into an image, and place the image in the HTML text. BeyondPress also allows users to create hypertext links in their QuarkXPress documents, which are exported to the HTML page. After arranging content elements and mapping style sheets, users can preview the HTML page directly in their favorite Web browser and then export the page and all associated images. For plenty more information, from which this brief was gleaned, visit the BeyondPress home page at http://www.astrobyte.com/Astrobyte/BeyondPressInfo.html which contains Astrobyte's press release for BeyondPress. As mentioned, you can download a copy of the demo which remains functional for 30 days. To obtain a full version, fill out this order form.

Excel to HTML

Excel to HTML is an AppleScript program that converts an Excel for Mac spreadsheet into HTML3 tables, preserving such formatting as bold, italic, and left / center / right alignment. The following HTML features may be added and customized: cell borders and widths; cell padding; empty cell borders; and table captions. The original cell contents are not altered, so URLs in the original spreadsheet become active in the converted table; this is particularly useful for pointing to images. The Excel to HTML home page can be found at http://www.rhodes.edu/software/readme.html, and contains links to send mail to the author, R. Trenthem and download the software.

HTML Markdown

HTML Markdown is a drag-and-drop Macintosh program that converts HTML files into regular text files. This might be useful if your browser can only download HTML source, if you want to archive a page's contents without the markup tags, or if you want a quick look at a page without having to load a browser. The HTML Markdown home page is at http://htc.rit.edu/markdown.html. You can download the program from ftp://htc.rit.edu/pub/HTML-Markdown-101.hqx.

msw to html

msw to html is a simple application written in AppleScript, Apple Computer's scripting system for the Macintosh, which converts Microsoft Word 6.0 files to text files with html (hypertext mark-up language) tags. Only version 6.0 of Microsoft Word is scriptable, not previous releases. Thus, this application will only work if Microsoft Word 6.0 is installed on your computer. There is a msw to html home page at http://dreyer.ucsf.edu/mswtohtml.html which contains a link to download the software, and one to the README file.

Quadralay WebWorks Publisher

"WebWorks Publisher is an easy to use, full-featured system for the creation and maintenance of WWW pages and hypermedia documents. Combined with FrameMaker, WebWorks Publisher allows you to create professional quality documents perfect for both print and Web publishing.

The package supports HTML 3 tables plus an elegant macro processing system within the FrameMake environment.

Additional information can be found at the Quadray home page, at http://www.quadralay.com, while evaluation copies of the package are available at http://www.quadralay.com/eval/.


Rtftohtml converts Microsoft RichText Format to HTML. The most recent version supports WORD 6.0 RTF files. Note that this program is most useful for MS-Word documents, as these use RTF format as the document code. For more information including an FTP link to the appropriate binary version: http://www.sunpack.com/RTF/rtftohtml_overview.html.


TextToHTML quickly converts text or RTF files dropped onto its icon into HTML format. When converting multiple text, RTF or HTML files at once, it also creates an HTML index file with links to those files, complete with graphical bullets if necessary. It can also automatically link images. The TextToHTML home page can be found at http://www.logic.be/ftpserver/X0002_TextToHTML.html, and you can download the latest version of the software from ftp://logix.logic.be/pub/TextToHTML.sea.hqx.
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