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There are several public domain packages that can help you create and edit HTML documents. Note, though, that not all follow the HTML definition rigorously. This can be a problem, in the long run. Here is a more-or-less untested list of these editors:


Alpha uses Tcl as a scripting language and supports fully customizable macro keys and menus, Mac Drag-and-Drop, and AEGizmos. The Alpha home page is at http://www.cs.umd.edu/~keleher/alpha.html, and the package is available for download at ftp://www.cs.umd.edu/pub/faculty/keleher/Alpha/Alpha.6.0b29.sit.bin. For more information, send mail to keleher@cs.umd.edu.


This editor, from AOL, has garnered excelent reviews for its ease of use and for the generation of accurate HTML. It is essentially a WYSIWYG editor, with support for all HTML3.2 elements. It includes a graphical viewer for visualizing webs of documents, as well as the ability to "publish" the documents by tranferring them to a remote server.

AOLPress is a product of America Online. Additional information, and access to the downloadable binaries, is found at http://www.aolpress.com/. A similar UNIX product, GNNPress, is available at http://www.tools.gnn.com/press/index.html. An independent review of the product is found at: http://home1.gte.net/paulp/wysiwyg.htm

BBEdit HTML extensions

This is the first of two BBEdit extension macro packages. This package allows the BBEdit and BBEdit Lite text editors for the Macintosh to conveniently edit HTML documents. The BBEdit HTML Extensions home page includes a link to download the software. These packages are also available via anonymous FTP from any Info-Mac archive mirror.

Another BBEdit Extension Package

Similar to, but different from the above package. The, home page for this package can be found at http://www.york.ac.uk/~ld11/BBEditTools.html, and includes a link to download the software.

Bob's HTML Editor

Bob's HTML Editor (BHE) is a multi-window text editor that provides a set of tools for quickly adding HTML commands to blocks of text. Many of the most frequently accessed commands can be accessed via command-keys and/or icons on a bar that runs across the top of the file, or from a palette. In addition, it provides palettes that let you store locations of IMG and URL files and incorporate them into your HTML file. For those working from MacHTTP servers or Unix servers with AFP support, relative paths to IMGs and URLs are automatically incorporated into the palettes, as are local anchor points. There are also other neat things you can do, such as import URLs from hotlists and HTML files, as well as strip out HTML commands from text. The informative BHE home page can be found at http://www.ilt.columbia.edu/public/macintosh/Bobs_HTML_Editor/readme.html, and the self-extracting binhexed archive is available for download at http://www.ilt.columbia.edu/public/macintosh/Bobs_HTML_Editor/BHE2.2.4.sea.hqx.


HTML.edit supports the production of documents that conform to the HTML 2.0 DTD (Document Type Definition) levels 0, 1 and 2, including support for HTML forms, tables, and table conversion. This editor does not support non-standard HTML features. Version 1.7 is the most current release, and replaces all previous versions. Features include a flexible tools palette; index display by document name, path, or title; customizable HTML elements; document preview; simplified TouchLink(tm) anchors with HTML element indexing and highlighting; ToC generation; balloon help; remove HTML command; COMPACT support on lists, and WIDTH supporn PRE tags, and drag and drop importing. For more information, see the HTML.edit home page at http://ogopogo.nttc.edu/tools/HTMLedit/HTMLedit.html which contains links for downloading the latest version of the software and the README file.

HTML Editor

A pretty near WYSWYG Macintosh based editor. Online documentation for the program is available at http://dragon.acadiau.ca/~giles/HTML_Editor/Documentation.html, while the most recent version of the program can be obtained from Rick's home page, at http://dragon.acadiau.ca/~giles/. If that does not work, try doing a regular FTP access to cs.dal.ca and change into the directory giles/.

HTML Grinder

More than a mere editor, the Grinder is a powerful utility to assist you with intelligent link building. You can drag all your HTML pages onto the Grinder's icon and use the modular Plug-In Wheels to automate sophisticated tasks such as block search / replace, glossary maintenance, multiple-document text appends, and "Next" / "Previous" link insertion. See the HTML Grinder home page at http://www.matterform.com/mf/grinder/htmlgrinder.html for information on how to download or register the HTML Grinder package, or to purchase Wheels.


This editor is a Hypercard stack, although you don't have to know anything about Hypercard to use it. The menus and dialog boxes are in English, and the manual is available in Swedish and english (if you've done any work with HTML, you probably won't need the manual). You can also save you file on your own Mac and on a remote computor by ftp within same command. You can also do normal ftp. You can drop your RTF files on an applescript icon and the will be formatted as html document and linked to an index file.

Additional information, including links to the archive containing the hypercard program, is found at: http://www.lu.se/info/HTML-HyperEditor.html


HTML Pro is a program that allows you to edit Hyper Text Markup Language documents (the documents used on the World Wide Web) on your Macintosh. HTML Pro will display your documents almost as they will look when seen with a web browser, such as Netscape or Mosaic. For more information, see the HTML Pro home page, at http://www.ts.umu.se/~r2d2/files/HTML_Pro_info.html. Or, visit the author, Niklas Frykholm's. The software is available for downloading from Niklas's Mac software page, at http://www.ts.umu.se/~r2d2/files/index.html.

HTML Web Weaver (replaces HTML SuperText)

HTML Web Weaver allows you to easily and quickly create HTML documents by allowing you to write your document and then edit in your tags via a select-and-tag method. HTML Web Weaver also makes more complex HTML tags such as linking to other network services (ie. gopher, ftp, WAIS and WWW sites) by using a simple information form format. The Web Weaver home page includes information on version history, the Web Weaver FAQ, and instructions on how to download from either the Info-Mac HyperArchive mirror or from the SUNY Potsdam ftp server.

HTML Writer (Jon's HTML Editor)

HTML Writer is an HTML editor for the Macintosh written in SuperCard. Features include templates, resizable document window, anchor indices, undo, and revert to last saved. Although the author is no longer producing upgrades, the HTML Writer home page can be found at http://www.uwtc.washington.edu/JonWiederspan/HTMLEditor.html with links to download the software, as well as to a README file. The author, Jon Wiederspan, also maintains the Macintosh WWW Development Guide at http://www.uwtc.washington.edu/Computing/WWW/Macintosh.html.


The WYSIWYG editing capabilities of NaviPress by NaviSoft remove the requirement for manual editing of HTML. NaviPress contains simple menu-, dialog-, and palette-based user interfaces for creating, formatting, and editing Web pages. The embedded authoring support includes simple interfaces for creating forms and image maps. Other features include Netscape extensions and future HTML 3.0 support; style sheets; MiniWeb, a site management and navigation tool; and integrated site administration tasks when used in combination with NaviServer.

NaviPress is also a fully functional browser, with built-in HTTP and FTP support; Gopher, news, and WAIS are supported through proxy servers. The current release (1.01) fully supports HTML 2.0 as well as text centering, backgrounds, text colour, and style sheets for page formatting. A future release will support HTML 3.0, including tables.

For more information including a technical overview and documentation, see the NaviPress home page, or to register a 30-day trial version, fill out and submit this form.

Quadralay WebWorks Publisher

WebWorksTM Publisher 2.2 is an easy to use, full-featured system for the creation and maintenance of professional quality World Wide Web pages and hypermedia documents. WebWorks Publisher allows you to use your favorite authoring tools to create professional-quality documents perfect for publishing on the Internet Web.

But -- WebWorks is not a standalone product -- you need to use FrameMaker to do the document workup.

Additional information about WebWorks can be found at the Quadralay home site, at http://www.quadralay.com/. Evaluation copies are available for downloading, from http://www.quadralay.com/eval/

Simple HTML Editor (SHE)

Simple HTML Editor (SHE) is just that, a simple editor for creating hypertext markup language (HTML) documents. It is in the form of a HyperCard stack. The SHE home page can be found at http://dewey.lib.ncsu.edu/staff/morgan/simple.html, and the latest version of the package is available for download at ftp://ftp.lib.ncsu.edu/pub/software/mac/simple-html-editor.hqx. There is even a version for Macs with small (9") screens, available at ftp://ftp.lib.ncsu.edu/pub/software/mac/simple-html-editor-small.hqx.

Site Writer Pro

Site Writer Pro is a text based editor for writing Internet Web pages and entire sites. It implements all of the HTML level 2 tags, and some level 3. The level 3 tags include: Forms, Tables, & Character Entities. It also supports the Netscape specific tags: Center, Basefont,Fontsize, Background File, and color specifications. It comes with Help as a paired application. Only a Macintosh version available. Site Writer Pro is a stand alone application built with HyperCard 2.3. The Site Writer Pro home page can be found at, and includes links to download each of the three flavours of this program mentioned above.


Tapestry is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for the Macintosh. It does not require the knowledge of HTML, and supports the drag and drop insertion of inline graphics and QuickTime movies. It also allows direct drag and drop linking from Netscape. Tapestry was recently featured on the homepage of MacWeek Online (http://www.zdnet.com/macweek/mw_1024/gw_tapestry.html)

You can find out more about Tapesry and Concept 1 Communications by visiting the Concept 1 home page, at http://www.concept1.com/, or by sending email to sales@concept1.com. The web site also makes available a (free) demonstration copy of Tapestry, along with QuickTime movies that illustrate some of the key functionalities.

Concept 1 Communications is a software developer based in Markham, Ontario.

WebDoor Publisher

WebDoor Publisher is distributed by Open Door Networks, a full service Internet provider for Macintosh users who wish to construct their own Web site. The WebDoor Publisher home page is at http://www.opendoor.com/WebDoor/WebDoorPublisher.html and contains links to download WebDoor Publisher as well as to a WebDoor guided tour at http://www.opendoor.com/webdoor/GuidedTour1.html.

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