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Cello for Windows

A descriptive Cello Home Page is found at http://www.law.cornell.edu/cello/cellotop.html. This gives information on system requirements and how to get help with installation. This site also has FTP pointers to download the latest version of Cello itself from ftp://ftp.law.cornell.edu/pub/LII/Cello/, and links to the Trumpet WinSockets package. So, you can get it all here. There is also a Cello FAQ document available, and a link to the Cello mailing list archives.


Brought to you by the creators of Lynx, DosLynx is designed to make text-based WWW access available to DOS-based PC users. Lynx, on which DosLynx is based, is a full screen text-mode hypertext browser for the WWW. It uses arrow and tab keys, cursor addressing and highlighting to indicate hypertext links, FORMS regions, etc. Lynx can be run from any text terminal, such as a VT-100 or WYSE, making it extremely useful for accessing WWW via a dial-in terminal connection. The latest version of the software is available for download from the University of Kansas anonymous FTP archive. For information on installing and using this package, see the DosLynx home page at ftp://ftp2.cc.ukans.edu/pub/WWW/DosLynx/readme.htm.


Developed by Sun Microsystems HotJava represents the next generation of WWW browsing technology. With full support for HTML, the HotJava client is also able to download and run platform-independent "applets" programmed in a new object-oriented language called Java, allowing more advanced client-server interaction than is available with current browsers. Currently, HotJava is available for Solaris (not SunOS 4.1, or Solaris x86), Windows NT, and Windows 95; ports to Linux, MacOS, and OS / 2(?) are in development. For more information on HotJava and Java, including how to get on the listserv mailing lists for the latest news, see Sun's HotJava home page at http://java.sun.com. Another HotJava information site maintained by Joey Oravec can be found at http://www.science.wayne.edu/~joey/java.html.

Talent Communications, Inc. I-Comm

Produced by Talent Communications, Inc., I-Comm is a full featured graphical WWW browser which does not require any kind of SLIP / PPP connections. Specially designed for modem computer users, I-Comm only requires a PC with Windows, a modem and dial-in access to an Internet Shell, VAX, or Freenet account. A similar product is SlipKnot, which is described further down in this document.

I-Comm has a "Mosaic look & feel" interface and can display pages while background downloading images. It also allows user to switch between a built-in modem communication program and browser with a single button click. Key features include saving HTML pages to disk with images intact, an HTML source edit mode, batch HTTP, FTP, Gopher downloads, and multi-level smart local disk document and image caching. You can download the zip file directly from the I-Comm archive -- the most recent version is always available from the I-Comm home page at http://www.talentcom.com/.

I-Comm also offers a stand-alone browser, that can work without a network, and which is useful for distributing documents and a browser for CD-ROM users. The cost is around $395.00 for a royalty free unlimited use license.

Tango Web Browser

The Tango multilingual browser from Alis Technologies in Montréal, Canada, is available on its own or as part of the Tango Starter Kit. Based on the latest release of Spyglass Mosaic, the browser is rich with the most advanced technology: it provides outstanding performance, top-quality display capabilities, extensive formatting features and a friendly interface, all in your own language.

Multilingual support is the most important feature of Tango -- it supports many different European and non-european languages. Alis also sells a browser that allows for arabic language.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the browser component of Microsoft's Internet Jumpstart Kit for Windows 95. Advanced features include tables support, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and proposed STT (Secure Transaction Technology) / PCT (Private Communiations Technology) support, integrated NNTP News support, extensions for inline video and sound including scrolling text marquees, client pull support, selectable fonts, and planned support for VRML. Other performance enhancing features include instant text and ALT attribute rendering with progressive image rendering, fast and smart caching using the HTTP Last-Modified-Since and Expires attributes, as well as Fast Connect using the HTTP-KeepAlive protocol. Plenty of information including pages showcasing this browser's features can be found on the Internet Explorer home page, including a link to download the software.

Opera Web Browser

This browser, from the Norwegian comany Opera Software, supports HTML 2 most and HTML 3.2 tags, and also supports inline plugins vor MPEG and AVI video. Most important, there are several accessibility features built-in, such as screen zooming, keyboard control, and a flexibly configurable interface.

THe browser can be downloaded for user from the Opera home page, at http://opera.nta.no/opera/.

Video On Line Internet Browser

Created by Video On Line of Italy, this is a freely distributable Internet browser available in 18 languages including Czech, Danish, Hungarian, and Arabic. For more information, see the VOL browser home page at http://www.vol.it/VOLB/browser.html which includes links to download and install the package (all versions). For comments or more information, send mail to browser@vol.it.

NCSA Mosaic for Windows

This package is developed by NCSA, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and is quite full featured. The latest version of WinMosaic is available for download via anonymous FTP from http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SDG/Software/WinMosaic/General.htm#obtain. There is also a WinMosaic Developers home page. The latter is very useful for getting WinMosaic up and running, and includes links to troubleshooting tips, documentation, and supplementary software.

Multilingual Mosaic

This is an adaptation of Spyglass mosaic that support multilingual documents in more than 30 languages. This program can be obtained from the developer, Accentsoft, from their home page: http://www.accentsoft.com/iwaaeng.htm.

Quarterdeck Mosaic

Features of Quarterdeck Mosaic include a high-performance multi-threading data engine which can retrieve and display multiple documents simultaneously, customizable folders with a URL drag-and-drop feature, local and global history lists, and built-in Gopher and FTP support. For more information, you can visit the Quarterdeck Mosaic home page, or you can download a trial copy of the software from http://www.qdeck.com/trialware/qmtry10.exe.

Netscape for Windows

Developed by Netscape Communications, this is a fast and full-featured browser that has quickly become by far the most popular Web browser currently in use. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can download a copy of the recently released 2.0 Beta. Netscape no longer makes available free copies of previous versions, although you can purchase copies of final releases 1.1 and 1.2 at the Netscape General Store for U$39. The fully documented and supported Personal Edition is available for U$44.95, and includes dial-up access through a number of ISP's.

Key features of Netscape 2.0 include client-side imagemapping; progressive JPEG rendering; Netscape Plug-Ins for streamed audio and video; integrated e-mail and threaded news; enhanced document formatting tools including multiple, simultaneous, independently-scrollable Frames; and support for Java applets.

Note: There are separate 16- and 32-bit versions of Netscape for Windows 3.1 / 3.11 and Windows NT / 95 respectively. The 32-bit version of Netscape will not run under Windows 3.x, even with the Win32s 32-bit extension package, because Win32s does not support certain 32-bit API calls.

Note: The most recent release of Netscape is the Beta 2 of version 2.0, which has been designed for Windows 95 (although it runs under Windows 3.1). The latest supported version (1.2) is available at the Netscape General Store* for U$39.

* The above link to the Netscape General Store is a secure transaction (https:) link supported by Netscape only. Select this non-secure version if you aren't using Netscape, but would still like to look around without purchasing.

Netscape Navigator Multilingual Plugin
Navigate with an Accent

This is a netscape plugin that lets you browse the Web and see Arabic, Russian, German, Greek, Japanese and even English web pages. Browse in more than 30 languages with either a stand-alone browser or the newly released Netscape Navigator plugin called Navigate with an Accent. Download a trial version free from the Accent Software International site, at http://www.accentsoft.com/iwaaeng.htm.


This Windows-based browser does not require a SLIP, PPP, or TCP/IP connection in any form, but makes use of an ordinary dial-up UNIX shell session. Switching between the browser mode and terminal mode allows scripting functions to automate login and logout, file transfers, and other Internet UNIX operations such as mail, news, WAIS, Archie, etc. Graphics and sound are supported, as is a user-definable session cache (limited only by available disk space) for document retrieval. Upgrading to newer versions is as easy as clicking on a link; SlipKnot does the rest. The informative SlipKnot home page can be found at http://www.interport.net/slipknot/slipknot.html and includes links to obtain the software.

NetManage WebSurfer (demo)

WebSurfer is a World Wide Web client application developed by NetManage as part of their Chameleon Applications Suite. WebSurfer provides high performance on LANs using multiple connections while also allowing deferred image retrieval for fast performance on dial up connections. The many user definable parameters let you customize the look and feel as well as the operation of WebSurfer. Features of this product include multiple connections support, deferred image loading, local document caching, Winsock compatibility, 24-bit colour and dithering support, link status information, and the option to import Mosaic .ini files.

Frontier Technologies Corporation WinTapestry (demo)

WinTapestry is part of the SuperHighway Access package produced by Frontier Technologies Corporation. Key features of this product include multiple simultaneous windows, instant text and progressive graphics rendering, temporary caching, and extensive integrated multimedia support for 5 audio formats and 16 image formats. You can download the demo version of WinTapestry directly from ftp://ftp.frontiertech.com/pub/demo/shademo.exe.

UdiWWW Web Browser

UdiWWW is a HTML3 compliant WorldWideWeb (WWW) Browser for Windows NT/95 or Windows 3.1. This supports the HTML 3 spec as defined in late fall of 1995. There is support for The LINK tag, for connecting several files to show a banner as well as a consistent button bar for navigation in bigger Web documents. Other new elements supported are DIV and NOTE, as well as the MATH element.

Additional information, including directions to the binaries for downloading, can be found at http://www.uni-ulm.de/~richter/udiwww/index.htm. UdiWWW is written by Bernd Richter.

TradeWave WinWeb

WinWeb is a full-featured browser for Windows by the TradeWave Corporation which maintains the Galaxy WWW search index. Options featured in this product include loading documents to a file, toggling automatic image loading, and working with a proxy server. Search options can be restricted to the current page or to the Galaxy index. The WinWeb home page can be found at http://www.einet.net/EINet/WinWeb/WinWebHome.html, and includes a link to download WinWeb (ftp://ftp.einet.net/einet/pc/winweb/ww11eval.exe), as well as installation instructions and documentation.


WorldView is a browser for VRML--the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, and was designed by one of the languages co-architects, InterVista Software, Inc.. Through the use of Microsoft's Reality Lab software rendering technology, workstation-like performance can now be achieved on a PC with a 14.4 modem. More information on VRML can be found at the above link to http://vrml.wired.com/, the VRML Forum, and the WorldView home page can be found at http://www.webmaster.com:80/vrml/, and includes links to download the software for Windows 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows NT. Mac versions are slated for future release, with ports to UNIX systems to follow. If you've already installed WorldView or another VRML browser, check out The Palladium.
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