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"The Ant" (ANT_HTML.DOT)

The ANT_HTML.DOT is a template designed to work within Word 6.0 to facilitate the creation of hypertext documents. Features of the latest version include two new toolbars, Word-HTML table interconversion, font size and horizontal rules tools, and a number of other enhancements and additions to the previous version. The Ant home page can be found at http://mcia.com:80/ant/, and the demo package is available for download at ftp://ftp.mcia.com/pub/windows/ant/.


Yet another HTML to ASCII converter (tag stripper), this one for DOS. The zipped executable is available for download from ftp://ftp.crl.com/ftp/users/ro/mikekell/ftp/htmlcon.zip.


This is another HTML to TXT converter (tag stripper) for DOS. This is designed to let your read HTML docs without a browser, and as an interface to spell checking. The plain text output is formatted based on the HTML tags.

Additional information is available at the home site http://www.oz.net/~sorth/. This contains a hypertext link to the most recent version. HTMLess was written by Stephen M. Orth.

pstohtml -- PostScript-to-HTML Converter

This is a Perl-script package for converting postscript-to-html, and also for converting PostScript to plain text. If you have perl on you PC, then you can run this. Note, though, that the package comes as a UNIX tar file which can be downloaded by clicking here. To use this code, you will also need a postscript interpreter, for example Ghostscript 2.6.2. You might find the accompanying fonts and Ghostview 1.5 handy too. There is a ps2hhtml home page at ftp://bradley.bradley.edu/pub/guru/ps2html/ps2html-v2.html with additional information.

Quadralays WebWorks Publisher

"WebWorks Publisher is an easy to use, full-featured system for the creation and maintenance of WWW pages and hypermedia documents. Combined with FrameMaker, WebWorks Publisher allows you to create professional quality documents perfect for both print and Web publishing.

The package supports HTML 3.2 tables plus an elegant macro processing system within the FrameMake environment.

Additional information can be found at http://www.quadralay.com/Company/products.html.

Net-It Now!

Even though the primary output format of Net-It Now! is a format interpreted and displayed by a Java program (enabling much richer content than HTML), the program also outputs basic HTML files with all links, text and bitmaps, for browsers that don't have Java support and for the web crawling search engines to index.

Additional information about Net-It Now! is available from the Net-It Now! Web site, at: http://www.net-it.com/. Net-It Now! is a product of Net-It Software Corporation.


This distribution contains a conversion DLL and a document template for WinWord 2.0. RTFTOHTM.DLL survives with most of HTML features I use in 'plain' HTML documents. Additionally there is an HTML style in template allowing a user to write markups him- or herself.
This sotware (rtftohtm.dll and html.dot) when used together, allows transparent conversion from WinWord to HTML, not only from RTF to HTML. DLL does the conversion and template is only an integration tool. The latest version is available for download at ftp://oak.oakland.edu/SimTel/win3/winword/htmtl081.zip.


Rtftohtml converts Microsoft RichText Format to HTML. The most recent version supports WORD 6.0 RTF files. Note that this program is most useful for MS-Word documents, as these use RTF format as the document code. For more information including an FTP link to the appropriate binary version: http://www.sunpack.com/RTF/rtftohtml_overview.html.

SGML to TeX Converter

SGML2TeX is a program for the IBM PC (only - at the moment) to convert the SGML tags in a document to control sequences using the conventions of TeX. Documentation and an FTP link can be found at http://www.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/Tools/SGML2TeX.html. Note: this is an SGML converter, so you will need the HTML DTD definition also; I believe this is included with the package.

SiteMan -- Web Site Management System

SiteMan comprises a set of software tools used offline to systematically manage and edit the files that comprise a Internet website : their directory structure; their text and HTML content; their links and pointers.SiteMan is applied to the files in a users "mirror site" held on a hard disk, so that the links and contents of the website can be checked and corrected before the site is published on the Internet.

As well as testing all internal links between the files, it provides means for correcting or modifying links as well as the textual content of the files, in response to the continually changing demands of a dynamic website. It also checks for orphan files - files in the website directories that are not linked to the rest of the files in the site.

Additional information (and access to the software) is found at at: http://www.morning.asn.au/siteman/. SiteMan is a product of GreyScale Systems.

HTML Transit: Converter into HTML

Here's the blurb from Infoaccess, the developer of Transit -- the product get's good reviews, but I have never used it:

HTML Transit is a high-speed, automated system that helps you put substance behind your home page. At the push of a button, it will systematically convert word processing including graphics and into high quality Web pages tailored to your specifications.

Don't mistake HTML Transit for a basic HTML conversion utility. The template-based architecture of HTML Transit virtually eliminates manual authoring. It lets you specify exactly how your Web pages will appear and behave before you convert. And because the template works on document structure rather than content, it lays the foundation for volume production.

Additional informatoin about Transit is found at the Transit Home page.


WebText is a Visual Basic program that uses a button-and-menu based interface for making changes to HTML documents. Not your average HTML editor. WebText's focus is in merging text files of any size to Web page templates with a minimum of procedures. Maintain and update your page content offline with your favorite word processor, then process pages of absolutely huge proportions in just a few seconds. This is an ideal product for Web administrators looking for a quick and easy way to get lots of information online with the minimum fuss. Also useful for non-programmers who just want a template-based system that does all the thinking for them. For more information, see the WebText home page at http://www.pacificrim.net/~proactiv/webtext/.


Web*lite is a conversion tool that converts from RTF format into HTML. However, Web*lite is based on some sophisticated manual page generation software from Virtual Media Technologies (http://www.vmtech.com) so that it does much more than simple conversion. It can also automatically generate indexes, break pages into logical structure, and optimize for a particular browser (a horrible thought, but sometimes useful).

Additional information is available at the VM Tech home page, http://www.vmtech.com. Evaluation copies are avaialble for downloading.

Virtual Media also produces a more sophisticated version of Web*lite, designed for industrial-strength document conversion projects. Information about this product is also available at the above URL.


This is a WordPerfect to HTML translator, available for download via anonymous FTP from ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk in the directory /computing/information-systems/www/tools/translators/wp2html-macro/html.wpm.gz. There is also a readme file, readme.wpm, in the same directory.


This is another macro package for converting WordPerfect 5.1 or WP6 files to HTML. These macros work with the DOS versions of these programs only! There are two packages available for download, WPT51D10.ZIP and WPT60D10.ZIP, for converting WP5.1 and WP6 documents respectively. Both packages can be found in the SimTel archive at ftp://oak.oakland.edu/SimTel/msdos/wordperf/.

XL2HTML.XLS -- Excel 5.0 to HTML+ Table Converter

XL2HTML.XLS is a Visual Basic Macro for Microsoft Excel 5.0. It was written for Windows but has been successfully tested on both the Windows and Macintosh versions of Excel 5.0. It allows users to specify a range of cells to be converted and then automatically generates a new file with the data in HTML "Table" format. The program utilizes any bold, italics, or underline formatting used in the spreadsheet. There is a XL2HTML.XLS home page at with additional information including a FAQ, a HTML+ tables tutorial, and installation and operation instructions. You can download the macros directly from http://www710.gsfc.nasa.gov/704/dgd/xl2html.xls.
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