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1-4-All HTML Editor

THis editor, being developed by Marcus Mönnig, has drag-and-drop support, elegant handling of entity and character references, plus a number of features helpful when composing new Web pages. The home page for the package is at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/minibbjd/, while a preview of features is found at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/minibbjd/features.htm. The url http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/minibbjd/download.htm contains a list of sites from which the software can be obtained.

4W Publisher (formerly known as Web Builder)

Information Analytics has developed 4W Publisher, a Windows-based tool that not only stores all Web pages in a database, it also automatically builds main menus and keyword indexes to go along with the detail pages. 4W Publisher stores the body text of a detail page separately from the header and footer and optional menu bar, so your entire service will have a consistent (and easy to maintain) look and feel. When pages are updated, it builds the menu and indexes, plus all the hypertext links to the detail pages. 4W Publisher runs under Windows 3.1 and uses Microsoft's Access Jet Engine as its underlying database. This means you can write other applications that can access your product database, perform automated updates and generate printed reports. For more information, see the 4W Publisher home page at http://www.infoanalytic.com/webbldr/index.html, or to obtain a demo copy of 4W Publisher, fill out and submit this form.


This editor, from AOL, has garnered excelent reviews for its ease of use and for the generation of accurate HTML. It is essentially a WYSIWYG editor, with support for all HTML3.2 elements. It includes a graphical viewer for visualizing webs of documents, as well as the ability to "publish" the documents by tranferring them to a remote server.

AOLPress is a product of America Online. Additional information, and access to the downloadable binaries, is found at http://www.aolpress.com/. A similar UNIX product, GNNPress, is available at http://www.tools.gnn.com/press/index.html. An independent review of the product is found at: http://home1.gte.net/paulp/wysiwyg.htm

AmiWeb: An HTML Toolkit for AmiPro

This is a set of macros, icons, style sheets, and a converter program by Steve Belleguelle that enable you to create documents in AmiPro in a format like HTML, and then convert these files into HTML documents. The AmiWeb home page is at http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~sbx/amiweb.html.


This is a popular freeware HTML editor, and is a complete rebuild of the popular Web Thing editor, which is now obsolete. Arachnophilia Imports fully formatted text, tables, outlines from any Windows 95-compliant application, and automatically converts them to HTML. It supports development of HTML, Frames, CGI, Perl, C++, Java and Javascript. Fully user-customizable toolbars provide frequently used tags. Multiple document interface with full drag & drop capability. Built-in tutorials on HTML development, JavaScript, the Internet. Additional information is found at the home web site, at http://www.arachnoid.com/lutusp/arach.html.


CU_HTML.DOT is a Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0 document template that allows users to create HTML documents inside Word in a WYSIWYG manner and generate a corresponding HTML file. You can assign different formatting tags to the paragraphs by simply pointing and clicking. You can also insert inline GIF images and specify hyperlinks by choosing the target file from a dialog box. The inline GIF images will also appear in the Word document. Existing word processor features such as spell checking, printing, cut & paste, macro automation, etc. can be used. The documentation in HTML format (also generated by CU_HTML.DOT) is available at The CU_HTML.DOT Home Page at http://www.cuhk.hk/csc/cu_html/cu_html.htm. The ZIP file is available for download at ftp://ftp.cuhk.hk/pub/www/windows/util/cu_html.zip.


CalWeb, a product of Hudson River Works, is a Windows package that produces interactive calendars. Using the tool, you enter your events and dress up the calendar with clip art and notes. You can also add hyperlinks to any object or event, and then output the calendar as a clickable image map or a complete HTML page. Additional information is found at: http://www.hrworks.com/calweb.htm. An example sample page is found at: http://www.hrworks.com/samples/v1_2/Sep96.htm.


EdWin allows you to quickly create web documents with all common formatting features including character highlighting, headings, links, lists, tables, forms, frames, and special characters. It is not WYSIWYG, but it is easy to use. Use it with your favorite Web browser to see instant results. For additional information, visit the EdWin home page, at: http://www.vantek.net/pages/msutton/edwin.htm. This page contains a link to the 16 bit binary, which you can download as shareware.

Enhanced HTML

A nice, clean HTML editor, similar to HTML edit. It is not WYSIWYG, but the menu and button layout is clean and simple to use. Some nice features include the use of document templates, and support for FRAME elements. Additional information is found at the home page, http://www.innotts.co.uk/enhance/html/. This page contains a link to the downloadable archive.


FrontPage by Vermeer Technologies, Inc. is an integrated client/server Web publishing tool. Included are FrontPage Explorer, a graphical tool for creating, viewing, and maintaining Web sites; FrontPage Editor, a WYSIWYG HTML editor that "hides" markup codes, eliminating the need to understand the underlying HTML, and also automatically recognizes and converts a number of text and graphic formats for importing. Also featured are WebBots, drop-in modules for automating a number of Web-related tasks such as adding a search engine to your Web site; globally updating a document web when making formatting or content changes; creating and processing forms; and even adding a threaded discussion interface to your Web page. For large sites, a To Do list lets you name, describe, assign, and prioritize any task, and is integrated with FrontPage Explorer and FrontPage Editor so that, for example, a To Do List item will be added if a link is made to a non-existent resource. The FrontPage Web Server comes complete in 16- and 32-bit versions, and fully supports the HTTP and CGI standards. Optional server extensions are available to enable FrontPage to be used with NCSA, CERN, Apache, Website, and other popular servers. For more information, see the FrontPage home page at http://www.vermeer.com/intro.htm which includes ordering information.


GT_HTML.DOT is an alpha release by Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) of a set of Microsoft Word for Windows macros to facilitate HTML document authoring. The macros are contained in a document template which provides a pseudo WYSIWYG authoring environment. For more information, including installation and user instructions, see the GT_HTML.DOT Home Page at http://www.gatech.edu/word_html/release.htm. Contact: gt_html@gtri.gatch.edu (Jeffrey L.Grover and John H.Davis III)

HotDog Web Editor

One of the most talked about Windows HTML editors, HotDog makes life simple for you by providing quick access to tags and attributes and dialogs to help you create complex elements. It also uses a Windows 95-style graphical interface, even if you don't have Windows 95. HotDog is not a WYSIWYG, desktop publishing-style editor (but it may become one at a later date). HotDog supports HTML 3 and NetScape revisions. Note that some of the HTML 3 elements are not yet supported by NetScape. The package comes in two flavours: Standard (U$29.95) and Professional (U$99.95); the latter features unlimited file size; customizable tool bars shortcut keys, and tags; spell checking; templates; and multi-level undo. There is a HotDog home page at http://www.sausage.com which contains plenty of information including how to download and register the various versions of the software.

HoTMetaL for Windows

HoTMetaL is a commercial HTML editor, but a still very effective implementation (HoTMetaL Free) is available, for free, via anonymous FTP. There are also versions for Sun computers, and Mac (and other) versions should be soon available. SoftQuad (who makes HoTMetaL) has their own Web server with up-to-date information on HoTMetaL. There are several anonymous FTP sources of the HoTMetaL (for Windows) executable. For more information, see the HotMetaL Free home page.

HTML Assistant

HTML Assistant is a Windows text editor with extensions to assist in the creation of HTML hypertext documents to be viewed by World Wide Web browsers like Netscape, Mosaic, and Cello. Features of HTML Assistant include point-and-click markup, browser previewing, a user-defined tool box, tools for extracting, organizing, and combining URLs, context-sensitive help, and a multi-document interface. Features of the full commercial version, HTML Assistant Pro, include a spell checker, toolbar support for HTML 2 and 3 features such as forms and tables, an automatic Page Creator, a strip tag feature, DOS-UNIX file conversion, and full support and documentation. Information to download the latest versions of the software is available in the HTML Assistant FAQ .

HTML Author

HTML Author is a "WYSIWYG" editor for producing HTML files, built on top of Microsoft Word for Windows version 6. It makes the creation of HTML documents for the World Wide Web extremely simple, especially if they consist of many linked HTML files. Key features include support for many special characters, a specialized HTML toolbar with instant access to common formatting tags, FORM support, dialog box-based anchor maintenance, "backward" NAME to HREF anchor hot-linking, access to all standard Word tools, and automatic hypertext ToC generation. The HTML Author home page has plenty of information, including links to the ZIPped archive, at ftp://ftp.salford.ac.uk/pub/www/htmlauth.zip (via FTP) or http://www.salford.ac.uk/iti/gsc/htmlauth/htmlauth.zip (via HTTP). You will need pkunzip to unpack the archive. The full manual is also available on-line, at http://www.salford.ac.uk/iti/gsc/htmlauth/manual/manual.html.

HTML Easy! Pro

This is a full featured editor with support for hot-keyed entities, HTML 3 and Netscape extensions, tables, colours and textures, several types of numbered and bulleted lists, macro funtions, and search / replace. The HTML Easy! Pro home page can be found at http://www.seed.net.tw/~milkylin/htmleasy.html and contains usage examples and links to download the software.


HTMLed is a customizable HTML editor with nice toolbars, etc. The current version is 1.2. It is available for download via a link to the HTMLed Home Page at http://www.ist.ca/htmled/. An enhanced "Pro" version is now available as a time-limited demo (until 31 AUG 1995), and information on this product can be found at the HTMLed Pro Home Page. You can download the demo (380 KB) from this site as well.

H.T.M.L. Handler

H.T.M.L. Handler is a free, multiple-document Windows HTML editor with an easy, intuitive user interface; support for mailto:, graphics, links, headers, styles, forms, centering, and backgrounds; and pop-up help. The H.T.M.L. Handler home page can be found at http://happypuppy.com/digitale/hthand.html, and contains links to the ZIPped archive.

HTML HyperEdit

HTML HyperEdit is a facility designed for Windows users to aid and assist in the creation of HTML documents. Despite the discontinuation of this product's development there is a HyperEdit home page at http://www.curtin.edu.au/curtin/dept/cc/packages/htmledit/home.html, and the author, Steve Hancock, can be reached at hancock@cleo.murdoch.edu.au. The zipped archive is entitled hypedit.zip, and is available for download at ftp://info.curtin.edu.au/pub/internet/windows/hyperedit/htmledit.zip.

HTML for Word 2.0

'HTML for Word 2.0' by NICE technologies, France, creates a structured document environment for Word 2.0. It has a simple user interface and preserves the Word environment as much as possible. It creates document instances that conform to ISO 8879 (SGML). The package is available for download from ftp.cica.indiana.edu/pub/pc/win3/uploads/html.zip or from it's mirrors. This software is an extended prototype of the production version which will be based on Word 6. Enough SGML functions have been implemented to ensure the creation of correct HTML instances. Performance of most functions will be grealy enhanced in the production vesion. For additional information contact Eric van Herwijnen, NICE technologies, chemin des Hutins, Veraz, 01170 Gex, France. Tel (33)-50424940.

HTML Writer

HTML Writer is a Windows-based HTML editor with a number of nice features including multiple and large document support, as well as style sheets. For information on how to get the most out of this package, including a "How to" guide and access to the HTML Writer mailing list, visit the HTML Writer home page at http://lal.cs.byu.edu/people/nosack/index.html".

Help Writers Assistant/HTML(HWA/HTML)

HWA/HTML is a WYSIWYG authoring and site management tool that allows you to visually build your pages through a WYSIWYG word processor and manage your site through a unique topic tree. Drag-and-Drop is used throughout the product to make it both powerful and easy to use. For example: creating links between pages is as simple as dragging a page from the topic tree onto the visual editor or image map editor. The product includes support for tables, client side image maps, banners, font sizes, background colors and bitmaps and much more. For more information, see the Olson Software home page which includes links to shareware and professional versions of the HWA products and links to download.

Hypertext Master

This is an HMTL editor that combines many features of other editors, while being easy to use. The latest version allows you to edit up to 100 pages at once, so you don't need to keep loading different pages. Full help is built in. Other features include backgrounds support, a page size indicator, custom floating tool boxes, strip tags, repeat last tag, selectable fonts, toggle word wrap, and more. The Hypertext Master home page can be found at http://www.soton.ac.uk/~mjt495/anarchy/htmled31.html , or you can obtain a free copy by anonymous FTP.

Internet Editor 1.0

Internet Editor is an inexpensive, multi-purpose Internet-oriented editor for HTML, SGML, CGI, Perl, and other document editing. Includes powerful user-definable overlays and revision management and integrated full HTML preview mode . The product is advertised as "the first true remote site authoring tool". Additional information about Internet Editor is found at the Ugali International home page, at http://www.ugali.com/iedit/. This page contains links to the download sites, which are in turn updated for each new release.

WordPerfect 7 Internet Tools

The commercial WordPerfect 7 word processor has an HTML mode that lets an author prepare documents using special HTML "styles", and then save the document in HTML format. This is very useful for those familiar with WordPerfect, but requires some familiarity with Web authoring. Some information on Web authoring with WordPerfect 7 is found in the book by Steve Harris, entitled WordPerfect 7 Bible. The example chapter describing the HTML authoring module is available at http://www.qwkscreen.com/Chapter36/Chap36Snap.html. Details about other books by Steve are found at http://www.qwkscreen.com/.

Internet Publisher for WordPerfect

Internet Publisher contains everything a WordPerfect 6.1 user needs to create HTML documents. A WordPerfect 6.1 template is provided, which guides a user through the process of creating an HTML document. This allows the user to easily create HTML documents from within WordPerfect. A conversion program is also included which will automatically convert the document to native HTML and bring up the included Web browser to view the 'final form' of the Web document. HTML features such as hypertext links and bullet lists are accessed through the toolbar. With this tool, the user does not need to learn a new HTML authoring tool or acquire a detailed knowledge of HTML. For more information, see the WPIP home page and white paper at http://wp.novell.com/elecpub/intpub.htm or the WPIP FAQ. You can download the package directly from http://wp.novell.com/elecpub/export.htm, and for installation tips, see README.TXT.

Live Markup

Live Markup is a WYSIWYG editor for Windows that boasts a feature-rich, point-and-click interface for controlling backgrounds and text colour, image placement, links, and lists. When you register, you are automatically upgraded to Live Markup Pro, which allows you to view and edit graphics and imagemaps as you work with your document; use long file names in Windows NT / 95; make Netscape type size changes with a few mouse clicks; position and edit rules; define and edit forms; build HTML 3 tables; and resize the active screen to name a few features. For more information, see the Live Markup home page, where you can download an evaluation copy. If you already have an earlier version, you can upgrade as well.

Multilingual Publisher

Multilingual Publisher is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editing in eight character sets and over 30 languages, under any language version of Windows. If you're creating content for the Web, get your message across in the languages your audience will understand. An evaluation copy of the software is available from the AccentSoft home page, at: http://www.accentsoft.com/iwaaeng.htm.


The WYSIWYG editing capabilities of NaviPress by NaviService remove the requirement for manual editing of HTML. NaviPress contains simple menu-, dialog-, and palette-based user interfaces for creating, formatting, and editing Web pages. The embedded authoring support includes simple interfaces for creating forms and image maps. Other features include Netscape extensions and future HTML 3.0 support; style sheets; MiniWeb, a site management and navigation tool; and integrated site administration tasks when used in combination with NaviServer.

NaviPress is also a fully functional browser, with built-in HTTP and FTP support; Gopher, news, and WAIS are supported through proxy servers. The current release (1.01) fully supports HTML 2.0 as well as text centering, backgrounds, text colour, and style sheets for page formatting. A future release will support HTML 3.0, including tables.

For more information including a technical overview and documentation, see the NaviPress home page, or to register a 30-day trial version, fill out and submit this form.

InContext Spider

InContext Systems, a Canadian company, recently released this product with great fanfare at HMV in downtown Toronto. Features include full integration with NCSA Mosaic; a WebManager to insert and manipulate URLs while navigating; "live" editor links which allow browsing while editing; Element Bars for easy tag access; direct viewing and editing of source HTML; in-line graphics support; preformatted web pages; forms support; spell checking; HTML validation; and full Netscape extensions and HTML3 support. The InContext Spider home page at http://www.incontext.ca/articles/webware/control1.html contains more information, including how you can obtain an evaluation copy.

Quadralay WebWorks Publisher

WebWorksTM Publisher 3.0 is an easy to use, full-featured system for the creation and maintenance of professional quality World Wide Web pages and hypermedia documents. WebWorks Publisher allows you to use your favorite authoring tools to create professional-quality documents perfect for publishing on the Internet Web.

But -- WebWorks is not a standalone product -- you need to use FrameMaker to do the document workup.

Additional information about WebWorks can be found at the Quadralay home site, at http://www.quadralay.com/. Evaluation copies are available for downloading, from http://www.quadralay.com/eval/.


Spider Writer is the premiere web development system for Windows 95/NT4. It takes the hassle out of writing HTML with features such as dialogs for creating/editing tags, wizards, builders, projects, tag coloring, an integrated web browser and much, much more. There is a free demonstration version. Additional information is found at the URL http://www.spiderwriter.com/.


TILE (Tool for Internet / Lotus Exchange) is a fully-featured application for creating World Wide Web documents from Lotus Notes databases. Lotus Notes views, forms, fonts, graphics, and hypertext links are all preserved in the process. Specifically designed for corporations designing large sites, TILE addresses the issues of managing a large web project with multiple designers, importing and organize large databases, maintaining design standards, and managerial oversight. Features include advanced text formatting, automatic typeface conversion, file attachment linking, graphics conversion, forms support, OLE support, and accurate table conversion. A number of Internet directories have been created with TILE and are available at tile.net. The TILE home page is located at http://www.tile.net/tile/info/index.html, or for more information, contact the Walter Shelby Group, Ltd. at tile@shelby.com.

Web Publisher

Web Publisher 1.1 is the first automated production tool for the World Wide Web and HTML. Web Publisher allows you to seamlessly convert and enhance documents built with standard word processing software packages such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Lotus AmiPro, and FrameMaker into attractive web pages. Web Publisher features automatic GIF conversion, Netscape 1.1 table support, ToC from header construction, numbered and bullet list conversion, signature / mailto / logo placement, and multiple document conversion according to customizable templates. For more information, see the SkiSoft home page at http://www.skisoft.com/skisoft/ which contains links to a feature comparison table and a Web Publisher FAQ list, and a link to download a 30-day evaluation copy of the software.

Web Spinner (renamed HTML Builder)

FLF Soft's HTML Builder is a Microsoft Windows based HTML editor. With HTML Builder there is no need to learn complicated HTML, just select text and click on toolbars or choose menu items. Common tasks such as adding a link to a list are combined into a single task to simplify maintenance. Web Spinner includes a complete help file. For more information, see the HTML Builder home page which includes links to the software, as a ZIP archive. THere is also an online order form (this is shareware, after all), plus a screen capture illustrating the program interface.

Quarterdeck WebAuthor

Using WebAuthor by Quarterdeck no HTML experience is required to create complex Web documents in HTML 2.0 format. WebAuthor is designed to create new Web documents or to import existing pages. Documents are automatically converted between HTML and Word formats. You are guaranteed that your document will be properly formatted with WebAuthor's built-in HTML validation. Other features include access to Word tools, WYSIWYG editing, Anchor, Image, Form, and List Managers, and complete on-line help. For more information, see the WebAuthor home page at http://www.qdeck.com/webauthor/fact.html which includes information on how to obtain a copy.

Visual HTMLboard

Visual HTMLboard makes it easy to learn and use HTML to create your own web pages. Use any Windows text editor or word processor to create your web page. HTML tags are displayed on the keyboard, and a helpbar appears to explain tags as you need them. A template gets you off to a quick start. As you make links, documents are organized for quick uploading to your web server (no more hunting for files...)

Visual HTMLboard is an example of "universal design". Developed to make creating web pages easier for people with mobility impairments, Visual HTMLboard became a product that is easy for everyone to use. With Visual HTMLboard, you can create your first web page in minutes without reading or studying

This product is available free from the website until May 10, 1996. The manufacturer, Adaptive Computer Systems, provides products to help people with disabilities use computers.


Webber by Toronto-based Cerebral Systems Development Corporation is a fully-featured and well-executed Windows HTML editor with a number of notable features, including a beginner's tutorial to HTML; context-sensitive tag help; Netscape and HTML3 extensions support (registered version); HTML validation; customizable Quick-Tag buttons; strip tag (HTML-text) and auto tag (text-HTML) features; as well as document preview. Webber also uses "Assistant" dialog boxes to facilitate complex markup tasks such as table editing (registered version) and forms creation. Version 1.2 adds syntax highlighting, a customizable tag bar, multilingual spell-checking, an author/time/date stamp, and more. The Webber home page can be found at http://www.csdcorp.com/webber.htm, and includes a link to download the software.

WebEdit for Windows

WebEdit is a Microsoft Windows-based hypertext markup language (HTML) editor designed for rapid creation and easy maintenance of World Wide Web (WWW) documents. Created by internationally recognized Windows and Internet expert Kenn Nesbitt, WebEdit 1.0 was widely acclaimed as the best HTML editor available for the Windows platform. WebEdit 1.3 provides complete support for HTML 1, 2, and the draft spec for HTML3. New features include support for HTML 3 inline figures, mathematical formulae, tabs, banners, admonishments, and more. WebEdit's powerful URL builder helps you construct uniform resource locators for hypertext links to Internet resources, and a new WYSIWYG table builder creates HTML 3 tables for you; simply enter your data into a spreadsheet-style grid, and let WebEdit write the HTML code. Using WebEdit's Custom Tags dialog, you can define your own tags to quickly enter often-repeated sections of text. Floating toolbars provide single-click support for every tag in HTML. With new "Easy Links" and "Easy Images" windows, you can drag-and-drop inline images and hypertext links right into your documents. And WebEdit's new built-in spelling checker helps you make your pages letter perfect. For more information, see the WebEdit home page which has links to the WebEdit FAQ, and to download the software.

WebMaster Web Editor/WebMaster Gold

WebMaster Version 1.2 is V-Tech's standard edition web editor. This feature rich web editor combines power and ease of use and includes a lot of nice features like: An Integrated Document Previewer which supports HTML 3.0, Frames, Tables, Forms etc, WYSIWYG tables designer, List HTML Tags by Tag or Description, Drag & Drop Tags, Floating toolbars, Meta Information, Page properties, Operate User Defined Utilities such as: Image Editor, Image Map Editor, Telnet Application, FTP Program, Winsock and lots more. WebMaster is the one of the best equipped editors in it's price range.

Webmaster Gold is the is best value for money Web Editor available! Webmaster Gold is the "PROFESSIONAL VERSION" of WebMaster Web Editor by V-Tech Software. It includes all of the features in the standard edition and a host of new enhancements. Including - Improved Integrated Document Preview, Document Templates (Including pre-defined documents), Spell Checking, Point & Click Color Selection, QuickBar Functions, Built in Gif Image file Viewer, and Image Library (Includes 300 re-usable images), JavaScripts, Status bar shortcuts and Floating toolbars. Grab it now!

Additional information on these two packages is found at the Vtech Software home page:
http://www.ozemail.com.au/~vtech/webmastr.html. This package is a TUCOWS 5-cow winner, so its gotta be good!


WebPen by Informatik Inc. is a basic HTML editor with support for a number of Netscape extensions including <FONTSIZE> and <BLINK>, and other formatting tags such as <SUP> and <SUB>. Advanced features such as tables and forms are not supported, although alphabetic and Roman numeral lists are. Other functions include coloured bullets, insertion of copyright notice and author's signature, and "Return to Top" and "mailto:" anchor inserters. For more information, see the WebPen home page.
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WebRight, by R-n-D Associates is an HTML editor combined with an FTP upload/download facility for copying the documents from your PC onto a remote server or servers. It is not a particularly WYSIWYG editor, and much of the HTML coding can be done by hand -- common features are avaialble by hotkeys or toolbars, however.

Additional information about WebRight, including a link to the ZIP archive of the program executable, is available at http://www.turbonet.com/rndassoc/webright/.


WebThing is now obsolete, and has been replaced by Arachnophilia, WebThing's successor. Please see the arachnophilia entry at the top of this document.