Our club holds a duplicate bridge game every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm.

In each game, we play between 21 to 24 hands. The entire session takes approximately 3 hours.

Our games are conducted under ACBL rules and top finishers are eligible for ACBL masterpoints.

Players should be aware of Bridge etiquette and protocol.

The Club operates under the ACBL's Zero Tolerance Policy, meaning anything that may interfere with the enjoyment of the game for other players will incur penalties, either point penalties or suspensions.

Days since last Zero Tolerance Penalty:
Zero Tolerance Penalties Incurred in 2022: 1
Zero Tolerance Penalties Incurred in 2020: 1
Zero Tolerance Penalties Incurred in 2019: 5
Zero Tolerance Penalties Incurred in 2018: 7

thecommongame We play

With The Common Game, we will be playing the same hands as many clubs in North America. You can then go to the site, get overall winners and see analysis on your bidding and play. Plus, you will find expert write ups on some hands.

If you are completely new to bridge, see our information for new players here.

For those who have already learned the basics of playing bridge, be assured that we welcome players of all skill levels.

If you have played bridge only in social situations, you will find that duplicate bridge has differences in some of the rules, scoring, and even in the equipment and tools used at the table. If you have never seen or played duplicate bridge, consider making your very first visit to our game as an observer. We will be pleased to have you as our guest and explain things as we go. We have no doubt that you will be up to speed in no time.

If you would like to play and do not have a partner, contact us at

with as much notice as possible. Include (1) an estimate of your skill level (2) the systems you can play and (3) the best ways for a potential partner to contact you. We cannot guarantee a match, but we will do our best.

Our club is not only for the University of Toronto. Players from the community are welcome. Games are held year-round, including the summer months. Games are not held on major holidays.

Our games are a great value when compared with typical card fees for ACBL games around the city. See our membership details here.