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American Contract Bridge League
ACBL Unit 166
Canadian Bridge Federation
World Bridge Federation

Other Toronto Duplicate Bridge Clubs

Toronto Bridge: Yonge and St. Clair, lessons, easygoing game, supervised games offered
Hazel's Bridge: North York, lessons, teams games, supervised games
Barbara Seagram Bridge: North York- Lessons, Novice/Supervised Games
Lee's Bridge: North York
Cavendish Duplicate Bridge Club: North York
Rosedale Glen Duplicate Bridge Club: Every 2nd Thursday at 630pm, BYOB. 278 Bloor St. East, party room. No games July/August. Many of the same players as Hart House, games run the same. Ask Director.
Etobicoke Bridge: 427/401
Senior Tamils' Centre Bridge Club: North York
Wayne's Bridge World: Bayview and 401. Intermediate game (up to 500 MPs). Free lesson before game.
Daniel's Bridge School Bayview and Davisville, supervised duplicate
Josee's Bridge: Bayview and 401, extensive lessons series, novice games
Toronto East Bridge Club: Queen and Kingston Rd., lessons series, 0-299er games.
Stephen's Bridge Club: North York, 99er, 499er and supervised 0-20 games.

Online Play

Bridgebase Online - Play Online Click here for a list of Hart House players on BBO.

Online Forums

Bridgewinners Forum Usenet!
Bridgebase forums

Learn to Play

2 Hours more of beginner video from the same guy
Join Us For Bridge 1970s video, British bidding system but still good.
Lessons For Beginners with Bridge-It Jane Calming video lessons from New Zealand
Australian Bridge Federation's Beginner Lessons Videos The best card game evah!
Free Learn To Play Bridge Software (best but requires Windows). Alternate link that doesn't require registration.
Hondo Bridge Many free educational modules, including for advanced players. Entire books put into interactive format.
Maritha's Free Educational Handouts
Commonly Used Conventions
Bridge Doctor 22 free beginner online bidding lessons
Fifth Chair 16 free beginner online lessons with quizzes, plus other resources.
Bid and Made Online bidding lessons and practice
Hart House Bridge Club Lessons All the slides

Lists of Links

Great Bridge Links
Lajolla Bridge Links
ClaireBridge Tons of articles and links, large French-language component


Bridgebum Lots of good articles
Richard Pavlicek's Bridge Page Legendary
Jeff Goldsmith's Bridge Page
Mike Lawrence's Articles
Larry Cohen's Bridge Articles
Eddie Kantar's Articles
ACBL's Bridgefeed Articles
Bridgehands Massive amount of Bridge articles
Encyclopedia of Bridge Terms Also from Bridgehands
ACBL's It's Your Call Get a weekly bidding problem with expert commentary in your inbox
Funbridge Blog Videos and articles
New York Times Bridge Articles
Barbara Seagram Bridge Newsletter Articles Local Bridge legend

Online Magazines

Read the ACBL's Bridge Bulletin magazine online Requires login with a valid ACBL # sample issue
A New Bridge Magazine Free! Click on pdf version if needed.
Bridge Magazine Free! Over 100 issues to browse through.
English Bridge Magazine Free! Back issues all the way back to 1946! (scroll down)

Paid Sites

Audrey Grant Toronto native Audrey Grant has excellent books and Better Bridge Magazine
Play Better Bridge Donna Compton has excellent videos for sale and some free content. Elementary to advanced.
No Fear Bridge Lessons for beginners and improvers. Free 2 week trial.
Ron Klinger Bridge
Best eBridge Pay but some free sections

Phone Apps

List of popular apps
Bridgemate App iPhone Android
Bergen Bridge iPhone Android
Bid With Bergen iPhone Android
Robson Bridge iPhone Android
Bridge Card Combination Analyser Android
Bridge Calculator Pro Android Replaces paper scoresheet. For pairs, teams, rubber. Can even input auction and play.


How to Use the Bridgemates
Bridgemate iPhone/Android App Information for Players
Table Etiquette
The Common Game - video tutorials
The Common Game - Frequently Asked Questions
New In Bridge Regulations
Bridge Bullies
Bridge Laws Mailing List includes archives


Card Combination Analyzer
Bridge Hand Generators Deal hands with various criteria - good for bidding practice
AUTOVACA Bridge Probabilities Calculator
Odds Table Calculator
Richard Pavlicek's Bridge Calculators


2 Person Bridge
6 Person Bridge