Membership is optional but can save you money and save you time from paying at the front desk. If you're already a Hart House member, it's ridiculously cheap ($25/year with no additional fees). If you aren't a member, it is $8 per session to play. You pay at the front desk before the game. There are no additional fees for the many special games we run.

If you are already a member of Hart House

You can join the Bridge Club for an annual fee of just $25, or $10 per term. This entitles you to unlimited play at our regular club games for the entire year with no additional fees. The yearly membership period begins in September.

If you are a University of Toronto student

As long as your UofT account is in good standing, you can get a one-year membership for free.

If you are not a member of Hart House

Non-members of Hart House can join the Bridge Club for $225/year or $85 per term ($160 for seniors, $60/term). We run about 50 games a year, so if you came to all of them, that would work out to $4.50/game ($3.20 for senior).

Non-members may alternatively play for a fee of $8 per game per player. Arrive early and purchase your voucher at the Hart House main desk before the game.

Members of Hart House who decline to join the Bridge Club may play for $8 per game as well. However, after just three $8 games you will have spent the cost of a one-year unlimited Bridge Club membership, so joining is a bargain.