If you are new to bridge

If you are brand new to bridge, you may find that it is one of the more complicated card games you have come across. However, it is that very depth and complexity that gives bridge its enduring appeal. Many people who start playing bridge go on to enjoy the game for many years, both socially and in competitions. A look at the bridge books available at the bookstore or a quick online search will reveal how rich the game is and why players study and read about the game for years.

We are pleased that you are ready to take on the challenge. We offer a Learn Bridge In A Day crash course for those who are new to Bridge, every September. Watch the events section for date. This is free for U of T students, $25 for others. We occasionally offer follow-up lectures and supervised games when there is interest, again free for U of T students.

We can direct you to some useful resources for new players.

We suggest starting with the learning resources of the ACBL, available here (opens a new window).

In particular, try the "Learn to Play Bridge" instructional software available for download at that site. The program is free and is suitable for beginners with no bridge experience. You can make as many mistakes as you like and it will be just between you and your computer! You can also download the 2 modules here without having to register.

Of course, you might not enjoy using computer software for this. And once you complete the software lessons, you'll want to move on anyway. Our suggestion for the next step will be to explore in-person lessons. Several of the bridge clubs in Toronto offer lessons for beginners and developing players. Most of the clubs are businesses and there may be a fee for lessons. You can see a list of clubs in the area as well as numerous other online learning resources in our links section.

Thirdly, as we mentioned above, there is a wide range of bridge books available, and software as well, on all aspects of the game. Your local bookstore may have a selection of materials on hand. However, starting your search online is a good idea as it will lead you to specialty bridge book retailers who will offer a better selection. Furthermore, online book reviews will let other readers guide you as to whether a book is right for your level and reading preferences.

Check out our Lessons page to see previous videos, readings, and exercises we've recommended to newer players.

We hope these suggestions will get you started in bridge and that it leads to a long lasting activity that you enjoy for years to come.

If you play bridge but are new to duplicate bridge

You may have seen duplicate bridge at a club or tournament. No doubt you have wondered: Why do the cards keep getting passed around? Why don't you hear people bidding? And why don't people sit down and play... they keep moving around the room?

If you have played bridge only in social situations, you will find that duplicate bridge has differences in some of the rules, scoring, and even in the equipment and tools used at the table.

This is where we can help. Many casual bridge players have come to our club to take their first steps in duplicate bridge. For those who have already learned the basics of playing bridge, you are welcome to join our regular game. See details here.

We welcome players of all skill levels. However, if you have never seen or played duplicate bridge, consider making your very first visit to our game as an observer. We will be pleased to have you as our guest and explain things as we go. We have no doubt that you will be up to speed in no time.