Hart House Bridge Club Lessons


Lecture Slides, Lessons 1-6

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Bidding Summary Charts

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Quiz on Lessons 1-4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Summary of Main Concepts in Lessons 2-6


Ranges for responder

Responding to 1NT Opening (chart)

Bidding Quiz Bidding Quiz Answers

Basic Bidding Quiz Basic Bidding Quiz Answers

Review of basic constructive bidding (can stop when you reach the part on hand evaluation).

Interactive review of No Trump auctions

Opener's Rebid

Auctions starting with 1 of a Minor

Learn to Play Exercises Learn to Play Answers


Takeout Doubles video

Negative Doubles video

4th suit forcing

Jacoby Transfers: the Superaccept

Partner opens 1NT and you have 5-5 or 5-4 in the Majors


Video on 2-suited overcalls (Michael's cuebid and Unusual 2NT)

Hand Evaluation

Scoring in Bridge

Slam Bidding Notes, quizes, videos.

Control Bids On the way to slam.


Learn the 2/1 Systam

Declarer Play

Planning the Play

Cardplay Problems 1-5

Cardplay Problems 6-10

Cardplay Problems 11-15

Cardplay Problems 16-20

Cardplay Problems 21-25

Cardplay Problems 26-30

Cardplay Problems 31-40

Cardplay Problems 41-45

Cardplay Problems 46-50

Cardplay Problems 1-5 Second book

Cardplay Problems 6-10 Second book

Erick's finessing examples

Playing Last


Andrew Robson's Beginner Corner

In particular:

Andrew Robson's Tips for Intermediates

In particular:

The Endplay

Bridge Base Online Make a free account, click on 'Practice', then 'Bridgemaster'. Do as many Declarer Play problems as you can! And/or install a version with easier problems on your Windows computer.


Principle of Restricted Choice

The Bath Coup


Ratings of Different Leads Against Suit Contract

Opening Leads

Leads Against NT (video)

Leads Against Suit ContractsNT (video)

Signaling on defense

Video on attitude signals

Second and Third Hand Defensive Play (click on Next Page to step through the course). You can stop when you hit "nome:" as the second half is just the same concepts.

Andrew Robson Bridge Articles:

In particular:

Robson's Defensive Tips

In particular:

Read Chapters 1-5 of Defense book and do exercises.

Suit preference signals (video)

Bridge Defense for Beginners

Deception and Psychology in Cardplay

Six defense problems


5 videos from Pete Hollands

Laws Quiz Answers (note: while answers are correct, a few explanations may be different based on current Laws)

Beginner Bridge Book

10 Common Errors And how to avoid them.