Lab news written by Dr. Brian Cox.

15 November 2012

Preeclampsia symposium 

I gave a talk that was very well received at a preeclampsia symposium. This was likely the first time where the whole audience was in the field that my research is in. The work I presented was multidisiplanary centered on proteomics, and computational biology but applied to preeclampsia research. So usually it is in front of bioinformatics and proteomics researcher. I have tried the talk at other reproductive biology meeting but had a difficult time getting the take home message to the other researchers. This time I think I figured out how to explain the significance properly. It was a very enjoyable day with may excellent talks.

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September 2012

Graduate students start

Two graduate students and a 3rd year project student are starting. I feel lucky to have found two graduate students who want to work in a new lab. I really wanted two so that they will have a peer to talk to and work with.

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25 August 2012

Last day of summer students

The last day. It was a busy but fun summer training three students. The students also really enjoyed them selves. Robert said that this was way better than being a life guard, his last summer job. Well that is vote of confidence in my abilities.

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June 2012

Collaborative grant awarded

Dr. John Kingdom and I were awarded our grant for the study of the role of heparin in the treatment of preeclampsia. Nice to have the first grant, but I still need to secure an independent grant.

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8 May 2012

Summer students start

Cox Lab summer students 2012 Cox Lab summer students 2012 - from left, David Yi Yang, Ivy LIn, and Robert Micieli, and Dr. Brian Cox.

The three summer students started today. The lab is still pretty bare but there is a pile of boxes from BioRad and VWR. The students started unwrapping them, it was like Christmas. I told them that this would be a unique experience helping start a new lab, something they may never encounter again unless they start their own lab.

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1 February 2012

First day

Picked up the keys and opened the door today. New lab with no equipment or chairs. Scroundged a couple of chairs. Plugged in my computer and no internet. Found an unsecured wireless network. Got started.

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