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Resources: Create and Customize an Email Form

Create your own customized web browser email form! An email form allows you to collect information from visitors and then sends that information to your email account.

The most basic HTML syntax required for building an email form is outlined below. Please note that for the email form to work correctly, you must include a recipient field**. The recipient field allows you to specify the email address where the form results will be sent.

[**Important Note: You will need to register the email address that you put in the recipient field before your email form will deliver the data to you. Having this registry helps to prevent others from using our formmail to send out unsolicited email (spam) and hackers from getting information about our server.]

E-mail address:
Basic HTML Syntax for Building an Email Form

1. Be sure to replace terry.lee@utoronto.ca with your own email address.


Last updated September 2001
2001 University of Toronto
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Sample Email Form

(take a look at the HTML source code for this page to see how they work)

Adjustable Text Fields
Type in your first name.

Check Boxes
Select one or more colors.

Red Blue Green

Radio Buttons
Make a choice.
Yes No

Dots or astericks will appear as you type.

A word of caution: Passwords are sent in clear text across the Internet - kind of like sending a postcard - anyone who handles the postcard has the opportunity to read the text.

Selection Menu
Select your favorite Dilbert character!


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