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Family Quality of Life Project

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Principal Investigators Rebecca Renwick
Co-Investigators Ivan Brown
Dennis Raphael
Project Coordinator Elizabeth Cobban
Dates 1997-1998
Research Associates Marie Bondy, Josee Legault, Michelle MacFarlane, Sherry Kroll, Gail Miller, Jas Seehra, Azmina Habib, Doreen Cullen
Funded by Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services

The Family Quality of Life project was conducted in 1997 and 1998 and focused on the quality of life experienced by families who have an adult member with a developmental disability. The study took the form of personal interviews with families in their homes and included both urban and rural families living in Ontario.

The study identified and examined a number of issues related to quality of life for these families. These issues included: how family members' lives are enriched, areas of challenge for families, special issues at different life stages, support from others, concerns of women, health of family members, experiences of siblings, responsibilities taken on by family members, and concerns about the future.

The results indicated some key implications and recommendations concerning quality of life for families of adults with developmental disabilities. These were published in the final report: The Family Quality of Life Project (see the Publications page).

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