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Children's Quality of Life Project

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Principal Investigators Rebecca Renwick
Co-Investigators Sharon Friefeld
Jay Rosenfield
Ivan Brown
Collaborating Parents Eva McPhail
Mark Latowsky
Linda Fehr
Project Coordinator Ann Fudge Schorman
Dates 2002 - January 2005
Research Associate Buga (Zekovic) Novak
Funded by Hospital for Sick Children


The first stage of the project focused on the development of a conceptual approach to quality of life for children with developmental disabilities.

In the second stage, a user-friendly instrument package based upon the conceptual approach derived from stage one, was developed and tested.

The instrument, Quality of Life Measure for Children with Developmental Disabilities (parents' perspective), measures quality of life for children with developmental disabilities, ages 3-12, from the perspective of their parents.

For a full report on the research and development of the instrument, see the Summary Report, available for download in pdf format, or order the full report from our publications page.

Results were also published in:

Renwick, R., Fudge Schormans, A., & Zekovic, B. (2003) Quality of Life: A new conceptual framework for children with disabilities. Journal on Developmental Disabilities, 10, 107-114.

The development of a quality of life instrument for children with developmental disabilities is the first phase of a planned program of research. Future phases of the research program will develop and test two other measures to capture both the perspective of the child and the perspective of the professionals involved with children having developmental disabilities.



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