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Dmitrii Bak

Ph. D. Vice-dean of the Department of History and Philology (RGGU). Vice-director of the Institute of European Cultures (Russia-Germany-France). Author of more than 150 published works (history of Russian literature, modern literature, criticism, translations, editorial works).

Nikolai Bogomolov

Graduated from the Department of Philology of Moscow University in 1973 and earned his Ph.D. at the Department of Soviet Literature in 1979. Has been teaching in the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow University since 1978. Now professor and Head of the department of Literary and Artistic Criticism. Author of over 300 scholarly works, including «Lines Illuminated by October» (Moscow, 1987), «Mikhail Kuzmin: articles and materials» (Moscow 1995), «Poetic Speech» (Moscow, 1995), «Mikhail Kuzmin: A Life in Art (co-author J.E. Malmstad)» (Moscow 1996, English version — Harvard University Press, 1999), «Early Twentieth Century Russian Literature and Occultism» (Moscow, 1999), «Russian Literature of the First Third of the Twentieth Century: Portraits, Issues, Investigations» (Tomsk, 1999). Publisher of the books of I. Annenskii, Andrei Belyi, K. Bol'shakov, V. Bryusov, Z. Gippius, N. Gumilev, G. Ivanov, M. Kuzmin, V. Khodasvich A. Tinyakov.

Liisa Byckling

Ph.D. University of Helsinki, Finland. History of the Russian theatre scholar, author of books and articles on Mikhail Chekhov and the theatrical and literary connections between Russia and Finland. Monograph — «Mikhail Chekhov in Western Theatre and Cinema», Saint Petersburg, Akademicheskii Proekt, 2000 (in the «Contemporary Western Russian Studies» series).

Yurii Golubets

Translator from Latin, Ancient Greek, French, German, English and other languages.

Publications: Gerard de Nervalle — «Daughters of Flame» (novellas and poetry) (Leningrad — Khudozhestvennaya Literatura, 1985) «John Keats — Poetry and Letters» (Moscow — Nauka, 1986) «The Ancient Greek Melic», translations of the works of Ancient Greek poets from the 7th to the 1st century B.C. (Moscow — Nauka, 1988) «Precious Scrolls», an anthology — introduction, commentary, translations of the elegies of Propertius and Ovid, and the poetry of Catullus and Horatius (160 pages, Moscow — Kniga, 1989) «The Greek Epigram», translations of ancient Greek epigrams (St. Petersburg — Nauka, 1993) «The Ancient Greek Elegy», translations of elegies from the «Palatine Anthology» and the first Russian translation of the «Theognis Corpus» (St. Petersbur — Aliteia, 1996) «The Acts of Dionysis», translation from Ancient Greek (St. Petersburg — Aliteia, 1997) «The Lyre of Seven Cities», verse of Transylvanian poets (Moscow, 1995) «Ludwig Uland- Verses» (Moscow 1995)

Silvija Jestrovic

Playwright and dramaturge. She has recently received her doctoral degree from the Graduate Center for Study of Drama, University of Toronto. During the 2002/ 03 school year, she will hold the position of Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for Canadian Research Chair in Performance and Culture at York University. She has published articles for Canadian Theatre Review, Balagan (Germany), Body, Space, Technology Journal (UK) and Ludus (Yugoslavia).

Ahn Ji Young

Received her ‘kandidat’ degree from the institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskii Dom) for the dissetation on «The probleme of the balagan in the early twentieth century Russian drama» . She lectures at Seoul National University.

Ol'ga Kushlina

Doctor of Philology, Russian 20th century poetry specialist. Compiler of several anthologies, including «Russian 20th Century Literature in the Mirror of Parody» (1993), «One Hundred Women Poets of the Silver Age» (1996; second edition 2000 — with coauthor), «Russian 20th Century Drama» (2 volumes, 2000), «Poetry of the Silver Age» (3 volumes, 2001). Author of the book «Passionflower. Petersburg Windowsills» (2001) as well as numerous articles and essays.

Elena Litvin

She graduated from the Moscow Historical Archive Institute (now RGGU) in 1977. From 1969 to the present she has been working as a senior academic in the Manuscript section of the Gorkii Institute of International Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences). She is the author of publications on the history of Russian 20th century literature and has taken part in the publication of the Collected Works of M.Gorkii and volumes of «Literary Heritage» (Literaturnoe Nasledstvo). Since 1995 Litvin has been involved in studying the life and work of M. O. Gershenzon. She is the author of commentaries to the first volume of the Collected works of M.O. Gershenzon (2000) and to the literary-historical chronicles «The Purity of Truth. M. O. Gershenzon from 1917 to 1925» (Moscow, 2000).

Yana Meerzon

Theatre critic. In 1996 she obtained her M.A. from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, Moscow, as a theatre historian. She is currently enrolled into the Ph.D. program at the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto, writing her dissertation on Michael Chekhov's acting theory. Since the year 2000 she has been a member of Canadian Theatre Critics Association, publishing both in English and Russian.

Lev Mnukhin

Literary critic, scholar at the Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva in Bolshevo, and head of the Russian section of a group for the study of Russian emigration (Paris). Author of over 100 works concerning the life and work of Marina Tsvetaeva, and the history of Russian emigre life. Compiler and commentator of the seven-volume «Works of Tsvetaeva» (volumes 1 to 5 in collaboration with A.A Saakyants). General editor of the eight-volume «Chronicles of the Scholarly, Cultural and Public Life of the Russian Emigre Population in France, 1920 to1975» (1995-2002).

Michel Niqueux

Professor of Russian Literature and Civilization at the University of CAEN, Basse-Normandy. Author of doctoral thesis on the work and times of S. Klychkov, coauthor (with Leonid Heller) of «A History of Utopia in Russia» (Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1995); Editor of the collected works — «The Vocabulary of Perestroika» (Editions Universitaires, Paris, 1990); «The Russian Question — Essays on Russian Nationalism» (Editions Universitaires, Paris, 1992); «New Perspectives on Esenin» (Revue des Etudes Slaves, 67(1), 1995); «Old Believers and Russian Sects of the 17th Century in Modern Times» (Revue des Etudes Slaves, 69(1-2), 1997); translator and commentator for works of Pushkin, Drouzhinin, Khokhlov, Klychkov, Kremnyov [Chayanov], Berberova; author of articles on Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, L. Tolstoy, Peladan, Gorky, H.G. Wells, Blok, Esenin, Klyuev, Zamyatin, D.Nabokov, V. Rasputin.

Boris Ostanin

Graduate of the University of Leningrad.One of the founders of the samizdat manuscript journal «Chasy (The Clock)», the Andrei Belyi Prize for Literature and Club-81. Has been publishing his translations from English and French in samizdat journals since 1985. During 1991 and 1992 worked in the Sverdlovsk publishing house «91» and was co-editor of the journal «Labyrinth/Eccenter» . From 1992 to 1997, worked as chief editor for the private publisher «Chernyshev». His book of selected aphorisms «Dotted Lines» came out in the year 2000 in Petersburg. A second volume is in the works.

Vadim Perelmuter

Poet, literary historian, essayist and translator. Began publishing in 1965. His first volume of poetry «Diary» came out in 1984 and since then he has published two more poetry volumes (1991 and 1997) and a book on Vyazemskii (1993). In all he has contributed to around 20 books, including volumes on Vyazemskii, Sluchevskii, Krzhizhanovskii, Shengeli, Shteinberg, Khodasevich and others, — as compiler, textologist, or author of introductions and commentaries. He has published over 100 articles in periodicals. Perelmuter also worked for 15 years (from 1977) on the editorial staff of «Literature Education». He initially took charge of the poetry section and then, for 12 years, headed literary theory and archival publications.

Sergei Preobrazhenskii

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in the Department of General and Russian Linguistics at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

Shmuel Shvartsband

PhD. Graduate of the Daugavpilss(a) Pedagogical Institute (Latvia). Has worked in various schools in Latvia and at the Biisk Pedagogical Institute (Russia). Professor at the Jewish University of Jerusalem since 1984. Author of two monographs on A.S. Pushkin and over 100 articles (ranging in subject matter from Old Russian literature to Mandel'shtam).

Sergei Stratanovskii

Poet, publicist and essayist. Works as a bibliographer in the Russian National Library. Graduate of the philological department of Leningrad University and publisher of the samizdat journal «By-pass» . His own work was published either underground or abroad. First and only officially recognized publication in Soviet Russia came out in 1965 (in the almanac «Circle»). His first poetry collection «Verses» came out in 1993, followed by «Daytime Darkness» in the year 2000. Stratanovskii's poetery has been translated into English, Bulgarian, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, French, Chechen and Estonian.

Tat'iana Tsar'kova

Works in «Pushkin House», Doctor of Philology and scholar in the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Author of over 100 scholarly works (including the anthology «Russian Poetry of the Epitaph» (1998), plus a monograph on the same theme), and three volumes of poetry: «Philology Lane» (1990), «City of Men of the Common People» (1993), and «Land of the Living» (2000).

Vladislav Zavistovsky

Polish writer, playwright, translator and essayist. Author of numerous books, including «Geography» (poetry, 1983), «Dark Sunday» (selected verse, 1993), «Stars Fall in August» (novella, 1990), and «From Here to America» (play, 1988).

Aleksandr Zholkovskii

Philologist and prose author. Graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the Moscow State University in 1959 and completed his doctoral degree in the university's Institute of Asian languages in 1966. Left the Soviet Union in 1979 and currently resides in Los Angeles where he is a Professor at the University of Southern California. Author of over ten monographs in the fields of linguistics and literature studies, including volumes on Babel (in conjuction with M. Iampol'skii, 1994) and Zoshchenko (1999), and two volumes of prose — «NRZB. Stories» (Moscow, 1991) and « Memoristic Vignettes and other Non-Fictions» (2000).

Zoran Živković

Zoran Živković was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1948. In 1973 he graduated from the Department of General Literature with the theory of literature, Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade; he received his master's degree in 1979 and his doctorate in 1982 from the same school.

He is the author of the following books: Contemporaries of the Future (1983), Starry Screen (1984), First Contact (1985), Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1990), The Fourth Circle (1993), Essays on Science Fiction (1995), Time Gifts (1997), The Writer (1998), The Book (1999), Impossible Encounters (2000), Seven Touches of Music (2001) And the Library (2002).

He lives in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, with his wife Mia, their two tween sons Uroš and Andreja, and their two tomcats.

Ludmila Zubova

Doctor of Philology, Professor in the Russian Language Department of Saint Petersburg University. Author of the books «The Poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva — A Linguistic Perspective» (Leningrad University, 1989), «The Language of Marina Tsvetaeva's Poetry (Phonetics, Word Formation, Phraseology)» (Leningrad University, 1999), «Contemporary Russian Poetry in the Context of the History of the Language» (Moscow, N.L.O. 2000). Top

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