UTORweb provides a web server and space for personal web pages, pictures, word-processing documents, etc. This can be used to share documents with others. Or it can be used to give the owner a convenient way to save and access documents from any networked computer. When sharing, others access your documents from a browser (e.g. Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer) by entering an address like http://individual.utoronto.ca/webname. Owners of UTORweb space can save documents directly to the web server from browsers and applications such as Microsoft Word, Netscape Composer, MacroMedia® DreamWeaver, Adobe GoLive, using the address ftp://utorid@individual.utoronto.ca.

UTORweb was developed by the Network Services Group with the assistance of many other groups.


Note that the University does not exercise direct editorial control over individual webpages, and accepts no liability for material contained in them, or links which are made from them to other material either at, or outside, the University.



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