Archaeological Project

Media and Press Releases




2012 Year in Review, University of Toronto. Faculty of Arts & Science. Kaplan gift helps establish archaeological park.


The New York Times, August 6, 2012. Iron Age Creativity in a Turkish King’s Image.


Toronto Star, August 1, 2012. Toronto student discovers 3,000-year-old statue in Turkey.


University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science News - Press release July 31, 2012. Archaeologists unearth extraordinary human sculpture in Turkey.


Sci-news.com, July 30, 2012. Extraordinary Neo-Hittite Statue Discovered in Turkey.


Haberdar, July 28, 2012. Günay: Hatay’dan Vana kadar olan bölgeyi müzeler bölgesi yapmayı planlıyoruz.




Current World Archaeology Magazine, October-November 2011, Issue 49. Lion Gate Discovered in Turkey.


Archaeology, November-December 2011. Lion in Wait.


Toronto Star, August 11, 2011. Expedition led by U of T finds 3,000-year-old lion sculpture.


University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science News - Press release August 9, 2011. Archaeologists uncover 3,000-year-old lion adorning citadel gate complex in Turkey.


Actual Archaeolgy Magazine. Anatolia, May 2011. Tell Tayinat. The Capital of the Neo-Hittite Kingdom of Patina.




Heritage Key, October 14, 2010. The oath on the platform - 2,700 year old temple at Tayinat had royal loyalty oath prominently displayed.


The Varsity, October 11, 2010. Let's get Geophysical: U of T geology undergrads prospect for archaeological remains at Tell Ta’yinat, Turkey.


The Ottawa Citizen, August 1, 2010. Archaeology: Layer by layer, dig exposes deeper truths. History offers perspectives on universal questions.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 31, 2010. A high-tech peek underground.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 30, 2010. At the world's first crossroads.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 29, 2010. High-tech methods reveal secrets of antiquity.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 29, 2010. Deciding where to dig: archaeologists stake their futures on it.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 27, 2010. Following in giant footsteps.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 26, 2010. Everyday life on the dig: It's rough and tough, but exhilarating.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 25, 2010. Temple site 'a compression of human experience'. University of Toronto-led team uncovering centuries of history.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 24, 2010. Canadian archaeologists revel in 'mind-blowing' dig in Turkey.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 24, 2010. Ancient tablet bears scars of dark history. Artifact found in Turkey tells tale of violence and mass destruction.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 23, 2010. Turkish provincial governer drops by dig site for official visit.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 22, 2010. Of mice and ancient men. Ottawa archaeologist, team sift through embarrassment of riches at dig site.


The Ottawa Citizen, July 17, 2010. Unearthing a forgotten kingdom. Artifacts from 3,000-year-old ruins in Turkey's Amuq Plain show evidence of an empire that crumbled as inexplicably as it apeared, and Ottawa archeologist Stephen Batiuk is aong those trying to unravel the mystery.


Embassy of Canada to Turkey: Highlights, April 23, 2010. Turkey's Ancient Past Unveiled During Presentiation at Embassy.


The Bulletin - Press Release, University of Toronto, April 8, 2010. U of T researchers shed light on ancient Assyrian tablets.


The Ottawa Citizen, April 8, 2010. Canadian archaeologists discover Old Testament-era tablet.


Dig, January 2010. Temple finds.


Current World Archaeology Magazine, December-January 2010, Issue 38. More temple tales from Tell Tayinat.




Archaeology, November-December 2009. World Roundup, Turkey.


Discover, September 2009. No simple life in early settlements.


Current World Archaeology Magazine, August-September 2009, Issue 36. Temple sheds light on 'Dark Age'.


Rehber Gazetesi, August 11, 2009. Tell Tayinat tapinağinda çivili tablet bulundu.


Macleans, August 9th, 2009. U of T archaeologist digs Iron Age tablets, jewlery in Turkey.


The Bulletin - Press Release, University of Toronto, August 7, 2009. University of Toronto archaeologists find cache of cuneiform tablets in 2,700-year old Turkish temple. May provide insights into Assyrian imperial aspirations.


Rehber Gazetesi, July 14, 2009. Tainat höyüğünde yeniden kasiya başlandi.


The Bulletin - Press Release, University of Toronto, April 16, 2009. University of Toronto archaeologists discover temple that sheds light on so-called Dark Age.




Rehber Gazetesi, June 27, 2008. Tell Tainat'ta kazi çalişmasina başlandi.