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Toronto Slavic Annual 2003Toronto Slavic Annual 2003

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University of Toronto · Academic Electronic Journal in Slavic Studies

Toronto Slavic Quarterly

No 9 — Summer 2004

From the Editors (Eng.)


Rachel Perlmeter, Infectious Plasticity: The Scenic Movement of └ndrei Droznin. Of Cartwheels and Cosmic Terror (Eng.)

Eva Stehlíková, No └nemic Imitation (Cze.)

└nne Lounsbery, "To Moscow, I Beg You!": Chekhov's Vision of the Russian Provinces (Eng.)

Irina Uvarova, Meierkhol'd's Puppets (Rus.)

Dasha Krijanskaia, "Dialogue": The Problems of Dialogue (Rus.)


Kate Sealey Rahman, Ostrovskii on the British Stage: 1894 - 1928 (Eng.)

Jacqueline Romeo, Vera Komissarzhevskaia: The └merican Tour (Eng.)

Dennis C. Beck, Dissident Patriotism: Subverting the State by Excavating the Nation in "Normalized" Czechoslovakia (Eng.)

Ewa Wąchocka, Un-presented Reality: On Polish Society's Self-Identification in Drama since 1989 (Eng.)


Natal'ia Semper, Face to Face with a Dream, introduction by Vadim Perel'muter (Rus.)


Aleksandar Lukač, Invitation to an Exorcism (Eng.)

Aleksei Goncharenko, Tragedy at the Fair Booth (Rus.)

Jennifer Olson, Dr. Chekhov: Ward 6, Theatre Smith-Gilmour, Toronto, Ontario (Eng.)

Yana Meerzon, The Sarajevo Project, Theatrefront, Toronto, Ontario (Eng.)

Veronika Ambros, L.P. Solntseva: Petr Grigor'evich Bogatyrev (Eng.)


Venedikt Erofeev, Walpurgis Night, or "The Steps of the Commander," translated by └lexander Burry and Tatiana Tulchinsky (Eng.)

Bogusław Schaeffer, Alles, translated by Magda Romanska (Eng.)

Daša Drndić, Lila's Teeth, translated by Lary Zappia, introduction by Ralph Bogert (Eng.)

Pavol Janík, Dangerous Comedies, translated by Heather Trebatická (Eng.)

Stephen Gechev, The Case of the Disappearance of the Body of Jesus of Nazareth, translated by Nikolai and Mimi Tsankov (Eng.)


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