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Toronto 2010 (May 5-7)

Andrew, C., Doloreux, D. and Langford, C. Industries, Institutional Features, Path Dependency and Constructing Regional Advantages: A Tale of Two City-Regions in Canada

Andrew, C. and Landry, R. The Evolution of the Collaborative Mechanisms of Governance of Innovation and Economic Development

Barnes, T., Davis, C., and Tremblay, D-G. Social Dynamics of Economic Performance in a Creative Industry: Motion Picture and Video Production in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

Barnes, T., Hutton, T., Klein, J-L., Tremblay, D-G. and Wolfe, D. A Tale of Three Cities: Innovation, Creativity and Governance in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

Bourgeois, Y., Trépanier, M., Gosselin, P-M. and Dallaire, R. Same size, same social characteristics, same performance? Comparative study of Moncton and Trois-Rivières City-regions

Bradford, N. Theme III: Putting Things Together

Bradford, N. and Nelles, J. A Tale of Two Second Tier Cities: Economic Development in London and Waterloo Ontario

Charette, Y. Charting Our International Future: A Competitive Greater Montreal

Clarke, S. Urban Economic Development in the U.S.: Current Thinking

Cooke, P. Four Innovation Drivers and a Meltdown

Darch, M. Ottawa: Canada's Creative Economy Capital

DeMarco, C. Metro Vancouver: Regional Spatial Planning and Economic Development

Donald, B., Grant, J., Lepawsky, J., Hracs, A. The Talent Struggle of the Small White City

Dupuy, D. Strengthening Ontario's Innovation System: The Role of Ontario's Innovation Agenda

Gertler, M., Geddie, K., Hatch, C. and Rekers, J. Theme II Overview: Key Insights and Findings

Hracs, B., Grant, J., Haggett, J., Morton, J. A Tale of Two Scenes: Civic Capital and Retaining Musical Talent in Toronto and Halifax

Klugman, I. Our Purpose: More, and More Successful, World Beating Tech Companies in Canada

Langford, C. and Phillips, P. Cross-City Sector Perspectives: Engineering, Mining, Oil and Gas

Lefebvre, M. City Magnets II: Benchmarking the Attractiveness of 50 Canadian Cities

Lucas, M. Building Stronger Links Between Researchers and Policy Makers

MacKinnon, R. and Phillips, P. Saint John and Saskatoon

Maskell, P. and Malmberg, A. ISRN Over the Decade

McTiernan, T. ISRN - Influences and Impacts in the Public Policy Arena

Morgan, K. Narratives of Governance

Nauwelaers, C. Time for taking stock: Time for looking ahead

Scott, A.J. The Cognitive-Cultural Economy, the New Urbanism and Globalization: Notes Toward a Geography for the 21st Century

Shearmur, R. On Designing the Perfect Boat: Growth in the Canadian Urban System, 2001-2006

Skinner, M. Drive-By ISRN

Smith, J. Implementing a Cluster-Based Regional Innovation Strategy: The NRC Perspective (Then and Now?)

Spencer, G. Specialization vs. Diversity in Canadian Cities

Vinodrai, T. Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability: Competing or Complementary Logics of Talent Attraction and Retention?

Warrian, P. and Bramwell, A. Hamilton and Waterloo, Ontario: Differential Pathways to Post-Industrial Economies

Williams, M. Toronto Briefing: Urban Economic Development

Wixted, B. The ISRN Post-Doc Experience

Wolfe, D. and Bramwell, A.Innovation, Diversity & Knowledge Flows in Canadian Cities

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Halifax 2009 (April 29-30/May 1)

Bourgeois, Y. Face-to-Facebook: Proximity and Innovation in the Greater Moncton Economy

Bradford, N. and Ward, K. Social Foundations of Talent Attraction and Retention in London Ontario

Crago, M. Research Infrastructure and the City Regions: A Dalhousie Example - Guest Speaker on the Urban Dynamics of Talent Attraction and Retention

Davis, C. Cultural/Creative Infrastructure, Innovation and Urban Competitiveness: The Case for Toronto

Duxbury, N. Cultural-Creative Infrastructure

Gertler, M. Social Dynamics of Economic Performance: Innovation and Creativity in City Regions - Interim Findings and Responses to the Mid Term Review

Gibson, H. Research and Education Infrastructure: Shaping Where We Live - Back to Basics - Respondent on the Urban Dynamics of Talent Attraction and Retention

Grant, J. Smart City/Cool City: Attracting and Retaining Talented and Creative Workers in Halifax

Greenwood, R. Innovation Knowledge Flows in City Regions:St. John's - Metropolis on the Margins

Holbrook, A. and Wixted, B. On the Edge: Emerging Technologies in Vancouver: Local Systems of Innovation and Globalization

Hutton, T. Infrastructure for Creativity and Innovation: Space, Site and the Built Environment

King, D. Genesis Group Presentation: Infrastructure, Innovation & Urban Competitiveness Policy Day

Landry, R. and Amara, N. The Governance of Innovation and Economic Development in the Quebec City Region

Langford, C., Li, B. and Ryan, C. Firms and Their Problems: Systemic Innovation in Calgary

Leslie, D. and Brail, S. The Case of Fashion Talent in Toronto: A Reevaluation of Amenities Based Theories

MacKinnon, R. Talent and Innovation in Saint John, N.B.

Morgan, K. City-regions in Europe: Creativity, Connectivity and Sustainability

Morley, F. Innovation Infrastructure: What Policy Makers Need Infrastructure, Innovation & Urban Competitiveness Policy Day

Nelles, J. and Wolfe, D. The Waterloo Myth? Governance in the Clouds

Phillips, P. and Kuntz, M. Innovation and Knowledge Flows in the Saskatoon City Region

Phillips, P., Webb G. and Kunz M. If I had a hammer...The Role of Infrastructure in Creative, Innovative Clusters and the Community in Saskatoon

Robertson, D. Infrastructure, Policy and Innovation: Infrastructure, Innovation & Urban Competitiveness Policy Day

Tremblay, D-G., Klein, J-L., Ben Hassen, T., Bussières, D. and Rondeau, J. Innovation and Clustering in Montreal: between a product-oriented and competence-oriented local system

Trépanier, M., Dallaire, R. and Gosselin, P-M. Social Dynamics of Innovation: What Governance for the Trois-Rivières Region?

Vinodrai, T. Battling Waterloo: Talent, Quality of Place and the 10-minute City

Warrian, P. Biotech in Lunch Buckets: The Curious Knowledge Networks in Steel Town

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Montreal 2008 (April 30/May 1-2)

---Breakout Summary: Session A - What would a Socially Inclusive Creativity Led Economic Development Strategy Look Like?

---Breakout Summary: Session B - Creativity and Innovation in Cultural/Creative Industries

---Breakout Summary: Session D - How to Measure Success in City Regions

Andrew, C. and Doloreux, D. Economic Development, Institutions, and Urban Governance in the Region of Ottawa, Canada

Barnes, T. and Hutton, T. Situating the New Economy in Vancouver's Inner City

Bathelt, H., Kogler, D. and Munro, A. Social Foundations of Regional Innovation and the Role of University Spin-offspaper

Bouffard, S. Développement économique métropolitain: quel rôle pour une chambre de commerce?

Bradford, N. Economic Development and Civic Governance in London: A City-Region in Transition? paper

Charette, Y. Clusterize This! Challenges and Policy Lessons (flash player doc)

DeRepentigny, G. Accélérer le développement de Montréal

Gertler, M., Vinodrai, T. and Rekers, J. Innovation and Learning in Toronto's Biomedical Sector: Local and Global Knowledge Dynamics

Klein, J-L., Tremblay, D-G., with Bussières, D., Ben Hassen, T. and Dossou-Yovo, A.The actors of civil society and their role in the metropolitan governance: towards a more inclusive governance?

Landry, R., Amara N. and Doloreux, D. Knowledge Exchange Strategies Between KIBS Firms and Their Clients: The Case of Québec City

Lepawsky, J., Phan, C. and Greenwood, R. Metropolis on the Margins: Talent Attraction and Rentention to the St. John's City-Region paper

Morrissette, P . Community Economic Development Corporations: A Contribution to the Social and Economic Development of Montreal paper

Raissis, C. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Agenda for Prosperity - A Prospectus for Change

Rantisi, N. and Leslie, D. The Social and Material Foundations of Creativity in Montréal

Ryan, C., Langford, C. and Li, B. Attracting Creative Drive: Key Influences on the Calgary Innovation System

Shearmur, R. and Doloreux, D. KIBS Innovation: Space or Place?

Spencer, G. and Vinodrai, T. Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? Assessing Talent Flows Between Canadian Cities

Tremblay, D-G., Klein, J-L and Rantisi, N. Welcome to Montréal

Trépanier, M., Dallaire, R., Gosselin, P. and Marcil, F. Social Dynamics of Innovation in City-Regions: The Case of Trois-Rivières

Warrian, P. Evolving Knowledge Networks in the Hamilton Regional Economy

Wolfe, D. Cluster Policies and Cluster Strategies: Implications of the ISRN Cluster Study

Wolfe, D. and Bramwell, A. Innovation, Creativity and Inclusion

Wolfe, D. Toronto: Civic Governance in the Megacity

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Vancouver 2007 (May 3-4)

Amara, N., Landry, R., Halilem, N. and Traoré, N. Patterns of Innovation Capabilities and City Regions: Evidence From the Statistics Canada Innovation Survey in Services

Andrew, C. and Bradford, N. Thinking Holistically About Theme Three, Part II

Barnes, T. Conceptual Approaches II: Talent and Creativity

Bradford, N. and Andrew, C. Thinking Holistically About Theme Three, Part I

Davis, C. Social Nature of Innovation in a Creative Industry: Canadian Independent Television Production Firms in the Children's Entertainment Segment

Doloreux, D. and Mattson, H. To What Extend Do Different Sectors "Socialize" Innovation Differently? Cooperation in Knowledge Intensive Business Industries in the Ottawa Region

Feldman, M. Illuminating the Social Nature of Innovation: Toronto Optical Science

Gertler, M. Architecture In Toronto: Social Foundations of Talent and Creativity

Gertler, M. The Geography of Knowledge Flows: Conceptual Foundations for Theme

Grant, J. The Fate of the Region: Attracting and Retaining Newcomers

Holbrook, JA. Local Systems of Innovation in Vancouver: Report to ISRN, May 2007

Hutton, T. The Inner City as Zone of Innovation: "Precarious Reindustrialization" and the New Geography of Talent and Creativity

Klein, J-L. and Tremblay, D-G. Community-based Intermediation Organisations and Social Innovation: A Case Study in Montreal's Apparel District

Langford, C., Hawkins, R., Feng, P., Ryan C., Li, B., and Ross, T. Boom & Buzz: Characterizing 'Creative' Calgary

Leslie, D. and Brail, S. Talent & Fashion: A Toronto Case Study

Rantisi, N. Conceptualizing City-Regions as Spaces & Places: Case Study

Shearmur, R. and Doloreux, D. Urban Hierarchy or Local Milieu: Hi Order Producer Services and (or) Knowledge-Intensive Business Service Location in Canada, 1991-2001

Smith, R. and Chow-White, P. Theme III: Inclusive Communities and Civic Engagement (in Vancouver)

Wolfe, D. Social Dynamics of Economic Performance: Innovation and Creativity in City Regions

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Toronto 2006 (May 4-5)

Andrew, C. Recent Research and Possible Links to ISRN Work

Barnes, T. and Hutton, T. Social Dynamics of Innovation Systems in the 21st Century: A Vancouver Perspective

Davis, C. MCRI Theme 1: The Social Nature of the Innovation Process (SNIP)

Gertler, M. Social Dynamics of Economic Performance: Innovation and Creativity in City-Regions

Gertler, M. MCRI Theme 2: The Social Foundations of Talent Attraction and Retention

Grant, J. Recent Research Interests

Rantisi, N. Quality of Life and Creativity

Spencer, G. and Vinodrai, T. Measuring Creativity and Innovation: From Clusters to City Regions

Wolfe, D. Embedded Clusters in a Global Context: Findings from the ISRN Research Initiative

Wolfe, D. MCRI Theme 3: Social Inclusion and Civic Engagement

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Toronto 2005 (May 5-6)

Asheim, B. The Urban Turn: From regional Clusters to Creative Cities

Asheim, B. Cluster Theory Evidence: What Remains of the Concept - Some Reflections

Britton, J, Smith, R and Tremblay, D-G. Contrasts in Clustering: The Example of Canadian New Media word

Brown, L. The New Media Industry in British Columbia

Cooke, P. Contrasts in Biotech and ICT Clustering: A UK Case Study

Cooke, P. Global Bioregions: Knowledge Domains, Capabilities and Innvation System Networks

Cooper, G. Ontario ICT Clusters

Dale, J. The Bust is Dust - The Ottawa Tech Cluster

Donald, B. Canada's Food and Wine Renaissance

Gertler, M. Biomedical Innovation Systems: A Comparison of Six Canadian Regions

Gertler, M. London Calling

Klugman, I. Waterloo Cluster Update

Krull, U. Investing to Accelerate Economic Growth

Maskell, P. Cluster Theory Evidence: MCRI-ISRN Intellectual Legacy

McLean, R. To Creative Cities

Muller, E. Analyzing Canadian Clusters: A Few FIgures on a Few Key Words

Mytelka, L. From Clusters to Innovation Systems in the Wine Sector

Nauwelaers, C. Clusters, Cluster Policies and Innovation Policy Governance: Lessons from the EU Experience

Paterson, C. ICT in Ontario

Petrusevich, M. The Role of Industry Associations in the Vancouver New Media Cluster

Riddle, C. BioDiscovery in Toronto @ MaRS

Spencer, G. and Vinodrai, T. Cluster, Muster or Bluster? An Inductive Approach to Measuring Clusters in Canada

Wigmore, M. The Power of Convergence

Wymbs, C. Silicon Alley and Comparisons with Toronto

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Vancouver 2004 (May 13-14)

Arthurs, D, Creutzberg, T and Harvey, C. In Search of a Canadian Space Cluster

Asheim, B. and Coenen, L. The Role of Regional Innovation Systems in a Globalising Economy: Comparing Knowledge Bases and Institutional Frameworks of Nordic Clusters

Botting, D. Innovation in a Resource-Based Economy. Presented at the Joint Policy Session, May.

Bramwell, A, Nelles, J. and Wolfe, D. Knowledge, Innovation and Regional Culture in Waterloo's ICT Cluster

Britton, J. The Path Dependence of Multimedia: Explaining Toronto's Cluster word

Cooke, P. Path Dependence

Dalpe, R. The Ottawa Life Science-Biotech Cluster

Davis, C. Path Creation and Destruction in Industries, Regions and Firms: Strengths and Limitations of the Concept of Path Dependence in Innovation Studies

Donald, B. and Blay-Palmer, A. A Tale of Two Systems: The Corporate and Creative Food Sectors in Greater Toronto

Doutriaux, J. Regional Governance in Ottawa: The Commercialization Task Force - An Exercise in Local Governance

Fitzgibbon, S., Holmes, J. and Rutherford, T. Innovation in the Auto Parts Industry: A Case Study of the Windsor-Essex Region word

Gertler, M. and Lowe, N. Hybrid Pathways: Diversity and Convergence in Toronto's Life Sciences Innovation System

Grace, R. Clusters and Governments: Some Idle Thoughts and Ramblings. Presented at the Joint Policy Session, May.

Holbrook, JA. The Vancouver Biotechnology Cluster

Holbrook, JA. Innovation in Western Canada. Presented at the Joint Policy Session, May.

Landry, R. Local vs Global Links: What is the Trade Off???

Langford, C. and Wood, J. The Evolution and Status of the Vancouver Wireles Industry word

Langford, C. Western Wireless: Calgary and Vancouver. Presented at the Joint Policy Session, May.

Lucas, M. and Sands, A. Regional Clusters in a Global Industry: The Development of the ICT Industry in Canada word

Malmberg, A. and Maskell, P. Cluster Learning Dynamics: Local or Global?

Niosi, J. Territorial Assets: Human Capital, Organizations and Institutions

Padmore, T. and Hickton, C. Patterns of Innovation in the Okanagan Wine-making Cluster word

Penner, T. Manitoba: Life Sciences and Biotech Cluster. Presented at the Joint Policy Session, May. *

Philips, P. Innovation and the Entrepot Cluster

Robinson, D. Cluster Evolution: In Itself to For Itself - Observations from Sudbury's Mining Supply and Service Cluster word

Schoales, J. Alpha Clusters word

Schuetze, H. Wood in the West

Scott-Kemmis, D. Innovation Systems in Australia word

Smith, R., McCarthy, J. and Petrusevich, M. Cluster or Whirlwind?: The New Media Industry in Vancouver word

Warrien, P. and Mulhern, C. A Synthesis of the Mature Cluster Cases

Winter, A. Biotech Clusters in British Columbia. Presented at the Joint Policy Session, May.

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Ottawa 2003 (May 1-2)

Chamberlin, T. and de la Mothe, J. Ottawa's Telecommunications and Photonics Industries: Second Generation Clustering Issues

Davis, C and Schaefer, N. Linkages in the New Brunswick ICT Cluster: Where are the Corners of the Diamond?

Fitzgibbon, S. and Holmes, J. The Ontario Automotive Parts Industry

Hennessey, D. The Emergence of a Cluster? The Biotechnology Community in London, Ontario

Hickton, C. Production of Pleasure: The Wine Cluster in the Okanagan Valley

Holbrook, JA. The Vancouver Biotechnology Cluster

Keroack, M., Ouimet, M., Forget, C., Amara, N., and Landry, R., The Quebec Optics Cluster

Landry, R. Policy Lessons of Regional Research and Cluster Studies

Langford, C., Wood, J. and Hall, J. The Complexity of Canadian Clusters Operating in Global Science

Lucas, M. A Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Mediating University-Firm Partnerships

Niosi, J. and Dalpe, R. The Evolution of Canada's Biotechnology Clusters: From Local to Inter-regional Networks

Procyshyn, T. and Ryan, C. Hard Measures and Soft Issues: A Potential Model for Incorporating Metrics into Cluster-Based Analysis

Queenton, J. and Niosi, J. Bioscientists and Biotechnology: A Canadian Study

Rosson, P. and McLarney, C. Cluster, Clump or Clutter? Life Sciences in Halifax

Schuetze, H. Wood in the West

Smith, R. Vancouver Multimedia Cluster Study: 2002-2003 Study Report

Tremblay, D-G. and Rousseau, S. Multimedia in Montreal: An Innovative Cluster?

Wolfe, D. and Gertler, M. Policies for Cluster Creation: Lessons from the ISRN Cluster Initiative

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Quebec City 2002 (May 9-10)

ISRN Management Committee. The Innovation Systems Research Network: An Experimental Design for Knowledge Management word

Amara, N., Landry, R. and Ouimet, M. Milieux Créateurs, their Differences, Determinants, and Policy Implications

Blay-Palmer, A. Growing Innovation: Agricultural Innovation Policy in Perspective word

Chamberlin, T. and de la Mothe, J. Ottawa's Telecommunications Cluster: Some Initial Findings

Cook, P. Towards Regional Science Policy? The Rationale from Biosciences word

Niosi, J. and Dalpé, R. Biotechnology Clusters: Montreal and Ottawa Compared

Niosi, J. and Zhegu, M. Montreal Aerospace Cluster: Attractors and Dynamics

Phillips, P.Regional Systems of Innovation as Modern R & D Entrepots: The Case of the Saskatoon Biotechnology Cluster word

Ryan, C.. A Proposed Framework for Analyzing Intellectual Property Structures in the Agricultural Biotechnology Cluster word

Schaefer, N. and Davis, C. IT Clustering Dynamics in an Old Regional Economy: Strengths and Weaknesses of the New Brunswick Model

Warrian, P. and Mulhern, C. Learning in Steel: Agents and Deficits word

Wood, J., Ross, T and Langford, C. Innovation Systems in the Calgary Wireless Cluster: Mapping as an Explanatory Model word

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Toronto 2001

Gibson, H. Britain Catches Up with Clusters

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MacKinnon, R. Talent and Innovation in Saint John, N.B.