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Toronto Slavic Annual 2003Toronto Slavic Annual 2003

Steinberg-coverArkadii Shteinvberg. The second way

Anna Akhmatova in 60sRoman Timenchik. Anna Akhmatova in 60s

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University of Toronto · Academic Electronic Journal in Slavic Studies

Toronto Slavic Quarterly

No 4 — Spring 2003

Letter from the Editorial Board (Eng.)


Jana Horáková (Cz.) Hypertext-Index and Symbol of Postmodern Discourse; Computer Games as a Theatre of the Postmodern Age; Performance Art in Cyberspace as a Fusion of Science, Technology, and Art.

Julius Gajdoš (Cz.) The Performer's Corporeal Radicalism and the Actor's Virtual Immersion

Natal'ia Yakobova (Rus.) On Gender Criticism in Theatre

Susann Suprenant (Eng.) "Remembrances redelivered": Staging Offstage Action in Nekrosius's Hamletas

Silvija Jestrović (Eng.) Uncle Vania after the Theatre of the Absurd: or Shifting the Boundaries of Interpretation

Svetislav Jovanov (Ser.) Nemesis of Letters: Irony, history and Eros in Banović Strahinja

Aleksei Bartoshevich (Rus.) The Merchant of Venice on the Russian Stage

Olga Miedwiediewa (Pol.) Tadeusz Miciński and Russia

Michael Chekhov: Theory and Practice

Yana Meerzon (Eng.) Forgotten Hollywood. Michael Chekhov's Film Figure and the Prague School Theory of Film

Franc Chamberlain (Eng.) Michael Chekhov: Occultism, Pedagogy, and the Actor's Imagination

Cynthia Ashperger (Eng.) Michael Chekhov Association's Conferences, 2000-2002


Ralph Lindheim (Eng.) Three Sisters, Shaw Festival, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Robert Ormsby (Eng.) Coeur de Chien, Théâtre Français de Toronto, Ontario and Heart of a Dog, Pleiades Theatre, Toronto, Ontario

Don Nixon and I. Nepomnyaschii (Eng.) Cultural Developmental Exchange between the Czech Republic and Canada

From the du Maurier World Stage Festival, Toronto, Ontario

Yana Meerzon (Eng.) Kafka in Love

Jennifer Olson (Eng.) The Overcoat

Tamara Trojanowska (Eng.) Magnetism of the Heart

Master Class

Gennadi Bogdanov (Rus.) Biomechanics: The Language of the Stage.

Bibliography and Archive

Aleksandr Laskin (Rus.) S. P. Diagilev: Biography as Bibliography

S. P. Diagilev: Biography as Bibliography - pictures

Sigizmund Krzhizhanovskii (Rus.) Philosopheme about Theatre Published with an introduction by Vadim Perelmuter


A. Colin Wright (Eng.) Lieutenant Kizhe

Kristen Thomson I, Claudia, translated by Krzysztof Zarzecki (Pol.)

Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska   A Woman of Wonder, translated by Elwira Grossman and Paul J. Kelly in collaboration with Stephen Grecco (Eng.)

Il'ia Okazov   Amphiaraus or The Prophet in his Homeland (Rus.)


Two Slavic Studies Journals by Maney Publishing (Eng.)

Toronto Slavic Annual #1 - 2003 (Eng.)


Biographical Notes (Eng.)

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