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Toronto Slavic Annual 2003Toronto Slavic Annual 2003

Steinberg-coverArkadii Shteinvberg. The second way

Anna Akhmatova in 60sRoman Timenchik. Anna Akhmatova in 60s

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University of Toronto · Academic Electronic Journal in Slavic Studies

Toronto Slavic Quarterly

No 3 — Winter 2003


Maria G. Rewakowicz (Eng., Ukr.) Introducing the Ukrainian Emigre Poets of the New York Group

Memoirs by Scholars

Editor's Note (Eng.)

Sergei Biriukov. (Rus.) In girum imus nostu ut consumimur igni

Elena Ignatova. (Rus.) Me and the Giants

Evgeniia Lang (Rus.) The Story of My Life Abroad

Aleksandr Zholkovskii. (Rus.) New Vignettes


Alain Bosquet, translated by Mikhail Gasparov (Rus.)

Stefan Gechev, translated by Richard Zastrow. (Eng.) Published with an introduction by Georgi Vasilev

Robert W. Service, translated by Evgenii Vitkovskii (Eng., Rus.)


Sergei Solov'ev. The Diary of the Exile Published with an introduction by V. Perelmuter


Aleksandr Lavrov (Rus.) Stevenson in Russian: Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on the Boundary of Two Centuries

Tat'iana Misnikevich. (Rus.) Fedor Sologub and His “Wise Virgins”

Margarita Pavlova. (Rus.) The Trial of Oscar Wilde and the Case of Sasha Pyl'nikov (“Artists as Victims” and the Victims of Artists)

Matthew M. Wylie. (Eng.) Moral Crime and Moral Punishment: The Philosophical Implications of Distance and Time in The Brothers Karamazov

Culture II

Vinko Grubisic. (Eng.) The Language Situation in Post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vladimir Khazan. (Rus.) Remarques 2

Krzysztof Koehler. (Eng.) Carrying the Burden of Freedom: Some Thoughts on Polish Literature after Ten Years of Political Freedom

Wojchech Ligeza. (Pol.) Lessening the Loss: Old Age and Old Men in the Works of Aleksandr Wat

Benjamin M. Sutcliffe. (Eng.) Documenting Women's Voices in Perestroika GULAG Narratives

Scholars' Hobby Horses

Mikhail Gasparov. (Rus.) Translations from Russian... into Russian

Ol'ga Kushlina. (Rus.) Irrational Commentary

First Look: Pages From Forthcoming Books

Dina Rubina. (Eng.) Our Chinese Business (a chapter from a novel). Translated by Daniel M. Jaffe

Shmuel Shvartsband. (Rus.) A chapter from the monograph Lish' more Chernoe shumit...

Andrei Volos. (Rus.) A chapter from the novel Maskavskaia Mekka


Irina Borisova. (Rus.) Utopia czystości i góry śmieci — Утопия чистоты и горы мусора (Polska Akademia Nauk, Instytut Slawistyki (Slawistyczny Ośrodek Wydawniczy), Studia Litteraria Polono-Slavica, 4. Warszawa, 503 с.

Vera Kalmykova. (Rus.) С. Т. Вайман. Мерцающие смыслы. М., «Наследие», 1999; Неевклидова поэтика. - М., «Наука», 2001

Arina Kuznetsova. (Rus.) Обломки мачт / Генри Лонгфелло. Перевод с англ. Р. Дубровкина; пред. О. Алякринского. — М., СПб.: «Летний сад»,  2002.

Tatiana Tsarkova. (Rus.) Синкевич В. «…с благодарностию: были». — М.: Изд. «Советский спорт», 2002.


Valerii Belianin. (Eng.) Slavic Studies 2002: From America with Anxiety (The AAASS Conference in Pittsburgh)

Literary Prizes

Natal'ia Ivanova. (Eng.) On behalf of the Pushkin's Narrator (The Ivan Petrovich Belkin Prize)

Andrei Vasilevskii. (Eng.) The Apollon Grigoriev Literary Prize


Svetlana Kuljus. (Est.) Russian Books in Estonian.


Biographical Notes

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